SmackDown Rating May 11th

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Roflmao and down it goes. #SheamFulDoesn'tDRAW
  2. No Rhodes? No Henry? No Ratings!
  3. Bad rating. They better have Sheamus drop that title at OTL... and Henry should be at the next show.
  4. I'm glad. It shows that you can't over push your favourite talents Hunter.
  5. I don't like Sheamus as a face, and it seems like no one else does either.
  6. I thought Sheamus was likable at first. He can play a face well, just UnCreative being UnCreative.

    And also, haven't the fans been conditioned to expect a bad show? We have, what, 5 debuting new talents all trying to get over at once? Plus Brodus Clay (gtfo)? None of them really have an opportunity to do so (outside of maybe Young and O'Neil) because they only have time for under 3 minute squashes because they have all these guys to showcase? And the fans hate squashes, when they see them, they think of Jinder Mahal and Vladimir Koslov who were quickly exposed when they actually faced legitimate opponents. It doesn't work, just like top babyfaces being booked as monster heels. Enough already.
  7. At first, during his feud with Henry, he was OK, but now he's gone downhill, as you said, because of UnCreative. And I also don't like squash matches... trying to get way too many new faces some TV time, but it just doesn't work when you give them three minute squashes and such. I hope they find a way to make it work, because I don't want to see guys like Sandow and Ryback going down the drain. About Young & O'Neil though... just gold. :haha:
  8. Sheamus is a burying machine. No wonder people don't care.
  9. Lets ignore wrestling logic for a second. WWE took "wrestling" out of the name, always says "entertainment" and keeps WWE Studios open. So lets use movie logic here...

    @[Crayo] You mentioned that the Dark Knight was one of the greatest movies of all time, right? Well, what if the Dark Knight started out with Batman kicking the Joker's ass all over Gotham. Then, every time Batman and the Joker come face-to-face, Batman gets the upper hand, while the Joker continues his sadistic plans. As they set up the final confrontation, will you still want Batman to kick the Joker's ass? Or would you turn the movie off, not give a shit who wins, or even pull for the maniacal Joker to get one up on Batman?

    See? Even by entertainment standards your booking sucks, Vince and Steph.

    Leo C, Drew Mcintyre's (sadly) going to be released soon. He can put over Ryback, who can then climb the ranks to become the not-boring babyface we're begging for (until they screw it up). Sandow? A feud with Santino or Ryder almost makes too much sense.
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  10. You summed it up perfectly. Liked.
  11. I'm sure stephanie loves that irish dick.
  12. Impact up to a 1.1

    Smackdown down to a 1.7

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  13. McIntyre putting Ryback over would be cool. And Sandow feuding with Santino/Ryder... :gusta:
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if next year TNA was 0.7 and SmackDown was 1.0/0.9.

    Both are slipping.
  15. Bad Smackdown = Bad Ratings
    Good Smackdown = Good Ratings

    Good Impact (The Pritchard Era save for last month) = Bad Ratings
    Bad Impact = Better Ratings

  16. Difference being Impact has a good product while SD has a universally hated one
  17. Impact is gonna beat Smackdown soon.
  18. I want to see the reaction if/when Impact beats SD in the ratings, things are going to get interesting.
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