Smackdown Ratings: February 8 (Mark Henry Draws)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Second highest rating of the year, slightly behind the SD that the Rock worked.
  2. How does he do it? What a frickin' man.
  3. Henry, you legend.
  4. Fun fact: The IWC genuinely had the nickname Mark "Ratings" Henry when he was a boring face, and then he turned into a huge draw.

    This guy is a draw and WWE buried his last hall of pain run? Let's hope they see the error of their ways. This guy could be main eventing RAW imo.
  5. Makes me kind of sad that Henry is getting a great run to lose to ADR. Not pissed, because it's completely logical for this storyline to go like this and all, but the mark inside of me wants to see another reign of terror by Mark.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Suck it, Orton.
  8. What a fucking legend.
  9. The people wanna see someone get thur ass kicked!
  10. Easily. I remember when he was on Raw doing things like throwing that sound guy 20 feet and putting Big SHow through the side of the cage. Let him run wild on Raw as WWE Champ in feuds with ADR, Cena, DB ect and tell me that wouldn't draw/be amazing to watch :phew:
  11. I am glad he made the ratings better. I always thought he was a great brute and heel. Much better than Big Show.
  12. Mark Henry is a beast. He could easily, easily main-event RAW, who wouldn't want to see that? I remember when he was teaming up with Yoshi Tatsu ages a few years ago. I used to think, what the fuck? It's good to see that he's started wrestling again. SmackDown is Mark Henry.
  13. I want Mr. :hallofpain: to throw some cocks like BVD, Mizze, Chavo, Gaynandez and Plunk off the cliff!

    What an awesome guy, totally reinventing himself.
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