Smackdown ratings goes up in a big way

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Dec 19, 2012.

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  2. Well, on USA instead of SyFy, commercial free, live, I think they advertised it a bit more this time... makes sense.
  3. Yeah, completely agree with the points Leo has made. Very good rating indeed though. Maybe WWE should consider commercial free shows more often.
  4. They should just consider it being live. Something about the word live is attractive
  5. Why not just make it live and on Tuesdays as is? They should at least consider putting it on USA network. Why didn't they just negotiate to be put on USA back in 2008/2009?

    Either way, the ratings will drop back down next week.
  7. Agreed, I'm real curious as to why they don't air it live on Tuesday on the USA network, rather than a taped show on Friday night on SyFy, it seems an obvious decision to me. Though there must be reasons.

    This is close to some RAW ratings though, so a great showing for SmackDown.
  8. Plus Smackdown's content has been better since there has been a slow integration of both shows. Some of Raw's storylines has seeped over to Smackdown now as it has happened vice versa on Raw already.

    It almost feels like a 2nd Raw, which was the feeling of it up until 06'
  9. I've noticed that you get more wrestling on smackdown

    If they cut out the 30 min of raw recaps it would be a really great show.
  10. That's because Smackdown has generally been reserved for guys who aren't so good at promos with the exception of a couple. You won't be able to notice it now because the shows are integrated now, but before you could see the difference. Despite integrating, Smackdown stayed at it's predominantly wrestling ahow.

    You also bring up a good point with recaps. I think if they cut those recaps down, they'd have more time to shoot promos for the rivalries primarily featured on Smackdown.
  11. Live production is expensive. Smackdown doesn't create a lot of revenue, so they keep the production cheaper.
  12. This makes me so bitter, being the TNA mark i am. This is > than a grip of shitty raw shows, and just reiterates the fact we are stuck with the current product. To be fair, the shield have made it more interesting, and im a huge fan of Cesaro/Kofi being champs. Still bitter.
  13. I think SD! should go live. Would really help. I also think that WWE should defiantly work on SD! I.e story lines, roster, gimmicks, time schedules. SD! Really has gone downhill ALOT!!
  14. Agreed, they have no desire to improve the show though, probably due to the fact they get the highest ratings every week on SyFy.
  15. It means no spoilers :dawg:
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