SmackDown Ratings

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  1. Bryan = Ratings?!
  2. Randy Orton + Wade Barrett = Ratings.
  3. Could be right, since the build was the best build for a feud currently in WWE. Then Orton goes and gets injured :emoji_slight_frown:.
  4. Don't understand how Bryan is drawing but Punk can't seem too... :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Weird isn't it, I blame HHH. Loads of people returned to watching WWE after Punk done his shoot, and the promos after. HHH ruined it. He buried the whole roster...
  6. Its the caveman beard, henry and bryan two of the best rating draws in wwe have them coincedence I think not.
  7. Punk had a horrific beard once too. Still no ratings.
  8. The jesus beard from the ses days? I kinda liked that look its scary how much he acted and looked like charlie manson during that time.
  9. Ugh no way, he looked homeless. More lack-of-hygiene than scary in my opinion, lol.
  10. Divas Matches = Ratings.
    It's Real, It's Damn Real!
  11. Well obviously have you not seen the way Kelly Kelly does a roll up? Breath taking stuff there.
  12. Yeah, also the Stink Face and her screaming. (FUCK KELLY KELLY!)
  13. Don't worry, Kharma will return to eat her up shortly.
  14. Knowing WWE she'll probably be in a skit with Santino.
  15. Re: RE: SmackDown Ratings

    *presses pause, grabs tissues* :emoji_wink:
  16. Santino's the father of her baby???

  17. Let's see if WWE mess this up by ruining Bryan like they did with Henry. They need to understand Big Show ruins feuds.