SmackDown results: Sheamus and Big Show brought the anarchy before the ‘Hell’

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  1. SmackDown results: Sheamus and Big Show brought the anarchy before the ‘Hell’

    (WATCH | PHOTOS)Randy Orton opened SmackDown, setting the record straight that he doesn’t dislike Alberto Del Rio because he attacked him several weeks ago, but because of why he attacked him — to make people forget how “disappointing” he was for failing to overcome World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in several World Title Matches. The Viper claimed that Del Rio was not only “dishonest,” but also had picked the wrong Superstar to make an example of. The nine-time World Champion promised to give his adversary the “most brutal beating of his life” at Hell in a Cell. (MATCH PREVIEW)

    The Mexican Aristocrat interrupted, characterizing his pay-per-view opponent, not as a Viper, but as a “garden snake that he could crush with his boot whenever he wanted.” He also insisted that he was the “the new Apex Predator of WWE.”

    While Orton insinuated that Del Rio was afraid of him, the affluent competitor chose not to get in the ring with his adversary two days before their Hell in a Cell clash. However, as the furious Viper watched him go, Wade Barrett suddenly launched a sneak attack, taking down Orton form behind. 

    Moments later in the back, Barrett asked Del Rio if that was what he was looking for, indicating that he had attacked Orton at The Mexican Aristocrat’s direction. Teddy Long, the Senior Adviser to the SmackDown General Manager, then informed the English Superstar that Booker T had called him to go one-on-one with The Viper later on SmackDown.

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