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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Another decent and very watchable Smackdown. - enjoyed pretty much all of it.

    The opener was pretty enjoyable. Really wish they would give Del Rio something more interesting to do on the mic than just “You’re all peasants and so is Sheymoose” every promo. He could be so much more than that. Jericho then came out and cut a pretty awesome-albeit-slightly-corny promo on Del Rio. His Spanish was quality though lol.

    The tag team progressed Rey vs Miz slightly and was a potential seed planter for a Rey and Cara hopefully. Loved seeing the two of them in a team and was glad they picked up the win as that hopefully means Miz + Rhodes victories on Sunday. Although I don’t care about the results that much at all really and would probably enjoy seeing the Miz marks rage if he lost.

    I don’t know what the fucking hell was up with Reks and Hawkins, but, at least it’s something different I guess? Peculiar, to say the least. At least they’re getting pushed though.

    Triple threat promo was pretty poor by WWE’s video package standards. They should have made it more about Punk and less about all 3 of them but oh well, doesn’t matter.

    The Eve Regal seg was fucking hilarious, I actually love that man so much it’s unreal. He needs to be given a more prominent role in the WWE, whether that be commentary, GM or whatever, he’s awesome.

    Yeah divas match, I so watched that..

    Bryan vs Orton was a really quality match. Bryan was made to look awesome throughout and for once an Orton match was actually booked reasonably well. Bryan working on the leg really added to him being a submission specialist and made him look a lot more vicious and to use one of Cole’s favourite lines “like a pitbull”. Could maybe see a fued between the two which could be great news for Bryan.

    Cesaro vs Ryder was utterly stupid. What’s their obsession with crushing one of the most over guys on the roster? I don’t mind him losing, but why does he always have to be buried? It’s so annoying.

    Dolph Ziggler assaulting Jericho was absolutely epic. Finally Ziggler is beginning to look like a proper heel. It’s been needed for a long time, as for months he was basically a tweener, he never did anything that was really heel like to be honest. He looked absolutely sick assaulting Jericho again. Me likey.

    Jericho coming out to fight the match was cool, though I’m disappointed the two didn’t compete in a proper 1 on 1 match as it could’ve been a really great main event. The whole thing put over Jericho even more as a face, if he isn’t over enough already. I was glad he didn’t tap out to Del Rio as well as I want him going into Sunday looking as strong as possible so he can really put over Ziggler.

    Another good, solid, wrestling heavy smackdown and mainly due to Orton vs Bryan I’ll give it a 6/10
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  2. Nice review Ryan :jericho: = THEY DONT HAVE JERICHO SMILEY ANYMOREEEEEE :((
  3. Thank you Windy, and... :smug:
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