Spoiler Smackdown Sep 3rd results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Sep 2, 2015.

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  2. The New Day kicking off SmackDown? Well, that is a must see, as well as Sheamo/Cesaro.
    Don't give a toss about anything else, though.
  3. That looks fucking awful. I'll watch Charlotte.
  4. Was bored. Caught this, loved this show.

    I'll try to Fox this review and fail because his posts >>>

    Things I liked:

    -Whenever I watch Smackdown. Just fun mark TV.

    -Anything involving the New Day which seemed like half the show since even WWE realizes it. New Day rocks. Everyone else is booty. Promos. Commentary. Matches. I can't even recap this just watch this show!

    - The Cosmic Wasteland, and the Ascension being supervillain henchmen. This came across so cool.


    Things I didn't like:
    -Sheamus vs Cesaro and the promo beforehand. It was good storytelling, but the guy I liked got his ass whooped by the guy I didn't. Waaah.

    -Kevin Owens teasing a feud with Ryback. No, please.

    -Every Divas' promo is awful, yeah, but after Cole said "Charlotte can be the one to protect AJ's record!" And the fans all said "No you dolt! You just said it would be the week after you fu..." Well, I'm glad they moved it to Raw and have a match with some pretty high stakes - thank you VERY much :emoji_slight_smile: - so I shouldn't complain but... Come on, really, did you have to realize this now?

    Things I don't have much of an opinion on:

    -Miz TV with Dolphin Lana, because as I was running to the fast forward button I yelled in fear of "Dolph and Lana" being on my TV, then made it sound like Lana's actually the aforementioned sea mammal and how hilarious that would look and how Rusev probably realized that too and threw out "haha, you're like kissing a fish" in a promo and... Yeah when laughing at my own horrible joke I didn't pay any attention to the segment. Sure I missed some great, riviting television here.
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  5. I disagree with everything you didn't enjoy.

  6. :haha:

    hey now your girl killing a samoan was fun.
  7. Yeah re-reading it I completely agree there.
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