*SmackDown Spoiler - Write off top star (Not Sheamus) :sad1:

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Expected.:idontcare:
  2. Am i wrong or was this live last night? I hate myself for missing it
  3. Not live @[Danielson] Live Smackdown is next week
  4. Well done Ambrose :idontcare: :nope:

    Lol'd @ title.
  5. I love how Crayo goes "well done Ambrose" instead of "Well done Shield"
  6. We all know he's the strongest in kayfabe :pity1:.
  7. Pretty sure Reigns is kayfabe strongest, Ambrose seems to be the most vicious in kayfabe. I love how he and Rollins seemingly argued over who got to beat down Cena on Monday. Rollins started, Ambrose tore him off Cena and took his place, Rollins tore Ambrose off, rinse and repeat until hell no hit the ring. I laughed at that
  8. Yeah I love the ruthlessness of them, but it does remind me a lot of Nexus, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  9. Every heel stable needs to be a certain level of vicious I think. if they were just cowards what good would they be doing as bad guys then. To have Rollins and Ambrose tear each other off of guys just so they themselves can beat them up sells it so well.
  10. This has been a great year for Orton. A drug suspension, a movie break, some injuries. We've barely had to deal with him at all!
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