SmackDown Spoilers 02/10/2012

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Won't be watching this shamble of a show on Friday, looks like utter crap. Sheamus doing his usual thing, as was Show. But the ending confused me, it was horribly written but did we just see a Big Show heel turn?
  2. Well at least Show isn't winning. He's been made to look too strong. Seems to be a horrible episode however, I'll probably skip the majority of it.
  3. You think it's a possible heel turn for Show though? It's been predicted that Shaq's going to be at EC, lol. No idea if that's going to happen though, probably just rumours and SmackDown was just used to make Show look even stronger -.-.
  4. I can't see it tbh. They seem determined to keep him as a babyface, plus with the lack of main event babyfaces someone would have to turn to replace him. The only plausible option would be Christian so it depends if they have faith in him. God I hope the Shaq match doesn't happen also Show isn't capable of carrying anything. If they must feud keep it short.
  5. What...Show..hitting Randy Orton? Oh my god...just wtf this whole show is utter crap just like Raw was.
  6. It's probably just to build the every man for him self feel to the match. Orton will probably RKO him at some point in the next week.
  7. He hits Orton which I'm presuming means he hit him with the W.M.D. That's going to get boo's for sure, so maybe they're going to go with this. I just hope it doesn't mean he's going to be champion in EC as he's more "aggressive" now - that'd stop me watching SmackDown for sure.
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