SmackDown Spoilers 03/02/2012

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  1. Sheamus is going to make it really hard for me to like him...

    Mark Henry being suspended is a good way to right him off to be honest. Not keen on Sheamus kicking him in the head though. Rhodes was then beaten clean by Sheamus, but sort of made up for it after. Khali is in the fucking EC match, I was sick in my mouth when I read that.

    Orton I hope wasn't too playful, still good build for their feud.
  2. Khali? The Great Khali? What happened to him retiring? Bryan vs Orton? That will be a great match but it will probably end in a brawl between the six EC participants. I've got high hopes for Sheamus VS Rhodes actually it's got a great deal of potential. Finally Bryan needs to come out on top at some point here. He looks really poor as do most who feud with these monsters.
  3. Khali is just a filler because Henry is legit. injured.
    Hence why he was 'suspended'
  4. We know that but why him lmao? Why not Gabriel?
  5. Didn't expect Khali to be in EC. Big guy replacing big guy.
  6. Well at least Show won't be the worst participant in a match for once.
  7. with u there mate gabriel could've added some high flyin an i like the guy want him pushed!
  8. Some note's you missed.

    *A video package aired saying that the Undertaker WILL be at Monday Night Raw next week!

    *In the segment with Drew McIntyre and Teddy Long, Teddy Long told Drew McIntyre that the fans don’t like consistency, and Drew losing is consistency. Teddy tells Drew to do something out of the ordinary. Hence, the reason why Drew interferes in the Brodus Clay/Heath Slater match.

    *While Santino Marella was coming out for his match, he went to fast for the camera man and the camera man slipped and fell, breaking part of this camera. The camera man had to run to the back to get a new camera or fix the one he had. After the match, another camera man gave “crap” to Santino, going as far as dropping the “F”-Bomb to him. Very appropriate seeing as my four year old son (who gets Big Show’s hat later in the night) was watching. I told the cameraman to Be A Star!!

    *During the Daniel Bryan Promo, he told the fans they should all act like him and stop eating meat. A “We Want Steak” Chant broke out.

    *In a backstage segment with Natalya and Beth Phoenix, both ladies were warming up for their match. As Natalya bent over, she had passed gas. Beth looked over at her and asked her what she had said. Natalya again passed gas before running off due to the aroma. Beth soon followed Natalya. The camera zoomed down the hall and Santino Marella is walking towards the aroma, sniffs, turns around and throws up in a trash can nearby.

    *During the No-DQ match with Wade Barrett and Randy Orton, Randy Orton tosses a table into the ring. He goes to set it up, but one of the legs break. Randy tosses the table out of the ring, goes back under the ring and grabs another table. He checks the legs of the table before bringing it into the ring. Also, Orton controlled most of the match.

    *After the show goes off the air, a match between Big Show and Daniel Bryan happens. During the match, the referee tries to sweep as much debris from the broken table out of the ring. Big Show grabs the broom and helps him sweep. The match ends with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal interrupting and getting a double chokeslam for their efforts. Afterwards, Big Show walks around ringside high fiving, taking pictures and signing autographs.
  9. Camera man sounds like a right dick. Also, wtf was with that Natayla segment?
  10. I am ashamed they made a gimmick out of it. :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Sounds like the worst SmackDown in a while...
  12. During the match, the referee tries to sweep as much debris from the broken table out of the ring. Big Show grabs the broom and helps him sweep.

    Best bit of SD rite there!

    Big Show in training for his new job! :hehe:
  13. Haha omg I wish this was true!! :surprised::surprised:
  14. He probably made the broom look like shit. He seems to have that effect.