Smackdown Spoilers: 10/2

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  1. Spoilers from pwmania, and since I often forget here's a bunch of words for the Tapatalk users:

    Dripping, pathematic, pygopodous, polysynthecism, perambulation, tits.

    Third Smackdown in a row that doesn't look bad overall despite a few complaints. Dat build for the IC Title match though.
  2. I think it doesn't look like a great show. I'd love to see that DZ vs ADR match because it looks like a nice match, but then you have those DQ matches that make the show look shittier imo.
  3. This makes me want to watch.
  4. DZ Vs ADR being a nice match is a major understatement and the DQ loss for Show makes his look good, he gained control to the point where Orton had to use a chair.
  5. True, but a DQ win means he may ask for a rematch or something at any time
  6. Asking for a rematch makes his look even better showing that he doesn't back down
  7. And what'd be the point on doing that if he won't get pushed?
  8. Why bury hid because he isn't being pushed? He is a solid midcarder.
  9. I've heard Smackdown has been quite good these past few weeks but I just haven't had the time to watch them,I may skim through this one but I dunno.
  10. While Orton is a main eventer right now... Anyways, making him look better won't make people lose the interest on their product, but I'd prefer to see Show as IC Chamo facing Orton in a Champ vs Champno DQ match where Bryan would come out and help Show and the Corporation will help Orton.
  11. I can't wait for Smackdown..............oh, I mean that awesome promo by AJ! ^_^
  12. lol Orton and The Shield vs. Big Show... I would watch just for that match.
  13. 25% of the card built on a SD/RAW

    Lol wwe
  14. Well the head writer for NXT during the entire 9 month Wyatt family run is one of the head writers of Smackdown now if not the head writer since a month or so back. If that makes you feel better.
  15. Looks pretty good, I guess. What should be a great match between Del Rio and Ziggler, AJ's hilarious comments about Brie's future baby, Los Matadores wrestling again, Triple H's promo and then Big Show in a 4-on-1 handicap match. Handicap matches with Big Show are always fun to watch.
  16. :obama: It does indeed. Never thought Smackdown's head writer was the problem (assuming it was the same one that gave us that good show from 2011) but having that dude around can't hurt anything. Must be a tough transition from NXT to SD though.

    But with how apathetic I am towards Raw right now, Smackdown's really starting to look good in general. It's a 2 hour show that recaps the 2/3 important segments from Raw plus some nice wrestling and story progression. What's not to love? (Besides Ryback)

    The first DQ match looks really lame on paper, but when you think about it it may not be that bad. The only selling point to that match is the hardcore element (Hey, RVD does stuff in hardcore matches! Buy!) so they're trying to get that over with the Van Terminator spot. So the best way to do it was to have Summer cost Van Dam the match (even though it technically wins him the match but nobody's paying attention to that) so Van Dam can be like "Oh, so you're gonna screw me over? Well watch what I do to your little boy toy... Yeah, take that, bitch!"

    As for the card being announced on the last show... hey, I figured they'd just throw a bunch of random matches out at Battleground since nobody's buying this PPV anyway. This is a little better...
  17. I wish dolph's was here so he could point out how shitty they are using Bray. I was wrong.
  18. Build for the IC title match is awesome. :lol1:
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