Spoiler Smackdown Spoilers: 11/1

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  1. There was a dark match between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. Can they just air that? Would enjoy that a lot more. :emoji_slight_smile:

    pwmania, detailed spoilers always welcome.
  2. Sounds like a darn good episode,I might actually watch the whole show this week.
  3. :facepalm1:
  4. Guess it was his turn at it. Wonder how many of those they're going to end up doing?
  5. For me it seems like something between a meh to possibly semi-good show. I like that Natalya made AJ tap; that's always a welcome event. Don't care for Cena opening and closing the show, or Orton as champion and all that jazz. Same ole, same ole dislikes there. So for me personally, some portions sound OK and others not so much. Probably won't watch. Would have loved to see the Sami / Adrian dark match though; man.
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  6. Sounds actually pretty good, I wonder how the SS promo looks like
  7. Such a waste though, it's like buying a really expensive cheese and then just letting it go bad in your fridge.
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  8. You have no idea how weird it was reading this out of context.

    Also, Senhor will hate me forever (and I'm still ahead of you in fantasy so :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) but... I'm starting to feel really bad for the Miz. :haha: He got beaten down by the Wyatts, then got double-crossed by Kane, then had to walk out hurt to get his ass handed to him by Kane again, then take this RKO for seemingly no reason. If they want to go all Napoleon Dynamite with him, they'd have a strong case....................................but if they do push him we'll all absolutely hate it, so lets not do that. (Happy now?)
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  9. Ziggler has been relegated to selling shop merchandise? sigh...
  10. :lol1:

    You pervert. :ksi:
  11. My emotions whilst reading this

    :annoyed: :hmm: :happy:
  12. Every match looks good for sure, but i thought miztv died?
  13. AGREED
  14. The tag team main event sounds really fun, I don't think Rhodes/Goldust have had a bad match yet.
  15. Poor Ziggler, jobbing half of the year and now selling merchandise? I feel bad for him
  16. Sandow's promo:

    Show Spoiler

    "You are a hypocrite. John, you know nothing about American values. In America, we make out opportunity. Just like I made my opportunity when I stabbed my own best friend in the back and won the Money in the bank contract.

    See John you wouldn't know anything about that, would you. Because since you arrived at the WWE, and especially since your return from you triceps injury, you've been handed everything.

    And I'm just out here to look you in the eye and tell you man to man.. You are a FALSE champion. And despite what you or any halfwit in this building thinks, I'm still your uncrowned world champion.

    One more thing John.. From this point on, my sole purpose in life is to End the Cena era in the WWE. And I will do that, by any mean necessary. You're welcome."

    DAMN. :sandow:
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  17. I would love a long, competitive Sandow v Cena feud. One in which Sandow wins the belt at one PPV and then, assuming they do unify them at WM, Cena could win it back. My favourite Cena feud was against JBL and this would be a similar sort of angle. It would get the best out of Sandow too.
  18. The fact that Bryan closed out the show with the dark segments leads me to believe he isn't as "buried" as some have said. Looks like a good Smackdown.
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  19. Watched the show, the main event was pretty good. They got the heat on Goldust and he's very good at selling and building towards a hot tag, plus the part in the end where everything becomes mayhem wasn't thirty seconds long as it usually is, it went longer. Worth watching. Sandow promo was also great.
  20. Bryan not as buried as the IWC made it out to be? Say it ain't so!
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