Spoiler Smackdown Spoilers 7/11

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Just Kevin, Jul 9, 2014.

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  1. * Lilian Garcia comes out to sing the Canadian National Anthem to kick off SmackDown.

    * Lana and Rusev open SmackDown by coming to the ring for an anti-Canadian promo. Roman Reigns comes through the crowd to a big pop. Reigns cuts a promo and says he won't be crushed. Lana says Reigns should be afraid. Reigns says, "you're telling ME to be afraid?!" Things get heated but referees get in between them before they start fighting. Lana backs Rusev off.

    * Cameron vs. AJ Lee is next. Cameron tries to walk out but Naomi comes from behind and throws her back in the ring. AJ gets the win with a Shining Wizard. Naomi and Cameron have a staredown.

    * Renee Young interviews Randy Orton. Orton says he doesn't care what Roman Reigns thinks and all he thinks about is what's best for business. Orton says he's going to introduce Chris Jericho to the Legend Killer tonight.

    * Adam Rose comes out with Summer Rae. Rose vs. Fandango is next. Layla and Summer start fighting outside of the ring as soon as the match starts. Fandango eventually goes to split them up but gets counted out. Fandango argues with the referee as Rose celebrates. Rose comes from behind and hits the Party Foul.

    * Heath Slater comes out next to a pop and Titus O'Neil joins him. WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos are out next for a non-title match. The Usos get an easy win. Byron Saxton interviews The Usos in the ring. Our correspondent said it was a very boring try at comedy by The Usos.

    * Chris Jericho comes out to a big pop. After his entrance, Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen and gets a "whole world in his hand" chant going. Randy Orton is out next. This was described as a really entertaining match. The match ends when Jericho hits the Lionsault and as he's pinning Orton, the Wyatt Family graphic flashes on the big screen. Orton takes advantage of Jericho being distracted and hits a RKO for the win.

    * Layla vs. Summer Rae with Fandango as special referee, a rematch from Money In the Bank is next. Summer kisses Fandango and then Layla does, causing Fandango to dance. Fans hum Fandango's theme and he keeps dancing. Summer and Layla both attack Fandango. The segment ends with Fandango sitting on the stage in disbelief as Layla and Summer have apparently decided to team up now. They show off and dance.

    * Goldust defeated Ryback. Curtis Axel and Stardust were at ringside. Stardust got reactions from the crowd throughout the match. Ryback attacks Goldust after the match and as he's about to hit Shellshocked, Stardust blows the gold dust in in Ryback's face.

    * Bo Dallas vs. Diego and El Torito in a Handicap Match is next. Bo pins Diego for the win and then attacks Torito, laying him out with a running Bo-dog.

    * Rusev vs. Roman Reigns is the main event, said to be a pretty good match. Rusev dominated most of the match. Reigns hit the Superman punch and was about to hit the spear but Randy Orton attacked from behind, causing the match to end in a disqualification. Rusev hits his superkick on Reigns and is about to crush him when Lana stops him and they leave. Orton waits for Reigns to get up and hits the RKO. Orton goes to spear Reigns but Reigns gets up and spears him first to end SmackDown.

  2. Figured Kane would interfere in the Rusev/Reigns match to save a Rusev' loss. Meh
  3. When was the last time an episode of RAW or SD didn't end with Roman Reigns looking strong? At least 3 weeks ago IIRC.

    Bryan feuding with authority = DB gets laid out to close every show.
    Reigns feuding with authority = Reigns looks unbeatable
  4. More than one Divas segment again? I love it :yay:
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  5. ^What she said. But this seems like the blowoff to the Summer/Layla thing, which we all can appreciate.

    Really interested to see how Roman and Rusev do out there. Isn't this the first (hopefully) lengthy singles match for both of them?
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  6. This is by far the worst Smackdown card i've seen in a while. I pray to god Crayo doesn't post next week asking us how good Smackdown has been. Rose with Summer? Twice in a fucking show? Reigns vs Rusev? You want to kill a streak? Heath Slater welcome to the Jobbers club, starring you Ziggler and once in a great while Ryder. Titus is as good as gone. Golddust vs Ryback, I'm sure even that match Dust couldn't save, and Vince will somehow blame him for it. What in the everloving fuck is Golddust vs Ryback happening for?

    And Bo Dallas vs a midget and a smaller midget in a match, way to play his "I'm a face! Bo-lieve!" character to a fucking fault. This has to be the most atrocious card I have seen since coming back to WWE. I'll watch the 5 minutes of Y2J vs Wyatt and pretend the rest never fucking happened. Kevin Dunn needs to go do Flavor of Love 3, eat shit and die. I'd take Russo over this shit. Tna could have dixe on for 90 minutes talking and it'd be more entertaining. I mean, for fucks sakes, what is the point of even having a show like this when you fuck it up so extremely bad?

    And I just replied to why the network is dogshit. Well forget all those posts, here is a great example. Watch and enjoy Raw on monday with your dad as family bonding, then spend 2 hours asking what the fuck the point of this is later in the week. Doesnt sound so great. Un-be-fucking-lieveable. @Deth come here and talk shit, i'm happier when we are on the same side.

  7. Smackdown, generally, doesn't follow storylines.. that's one of many reasons the show is so shitty now. Out of the 8 matches this week 3 of them are based on current storylines.. but only one of them makes any sense. AJ vs Cameron should have never happened.. Cameron is weak and AJ beating her means nothing... any other diva could have been in that match with the same outcome of Naomi getting in her face at the end... Jericho vs Orton makes no sense... he should have faced someone who actually needd TV time or to get over more.. the same result could have happened.. it actually should have been Jericho vs Rusev... it would have been better and Rusev getting a win against Jericho makes him look good. The only one that does make sense is Goldust vs Ryback... there are currently 4 real tag teams on the main roster.. since the Usos and Wyatts are feuding then the other 2 should feud... once the Wyatts win the titles sometime over the next 2 PPVs then I believe The Dusty Rhodes Brothers will break away from the feud with Rybaxel and challenge the Wyatts.. until then it will be the Dust Brothers vs Rybaxel in tag and singles matches every week.
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  8. But i've been here well over 2 years now and not for one second has smackdown counted for fucking anything. The best cards are when they cut the bullshit out and have feuds that don't even count the next week.

    Jericho vs Wyatt promo's awesome. Jericho being orton would have been great for Wyatt as long as he went over someone close to the next week. Why is Reigns there? Ryback vs Golddust is 2 months passed, they should be facing 1v1 competitors and using the "I've got your back" mentality instead of working towards a #1 contendership, since they essentially are fucked without each other. If they cant win 1v1 first, why both again with tag teams?

    I dont give a fuck about diva's and AJ lee is only great in my book when you show her crying at lita, her character is the definition of dogshit. Taryn Terrell is back in TNA, and Assmacher has about as much clout as AJ, and have you seen the donk bro. Gail Kim, Taryn, Assmacher > Bland emo champ with makeup over scars vs Anorexic A's, who beats up Serena Funkadactyl. I have 0 interest and won't, I can watch Taryn vs Gail Ladder match all day, any day. And for those of you who want to talk shit, think about how you compare TNA to WWE normally.

    The worst part is, if they just did this shit life and packaged it up on tuesday to show the matches, i might even be interested, but you know what is missing? Xavier Woods, Tyson Kidd, Natty, and a lot of NXT talent who could be there in an inbetween feud that made no change in the WWE feuds at the moment regardless. Whoever writes for smackdown needs to fuck the fuck off.
  9. Smackdown hasn't counted for anything since they started doing tapings instead of a live show... as I said in another thread... make Smackdown live.. split the titles and make WHC Smackdown exclusive again and move the show back to Thursday nights like it was during the AE era and not only will ratings go up and more money be made... but TNA will have some real competition from the WWE for once.. and they won't last very long with head to head competition.

    But, hey, I'm just some dude on a wrestling forum.. and though my name is Kevin.. my last name ain't Dunn and right now that's all that matters to Vince... when HHH takes over it'll be a whole different story.
  10. haha love the last bit. Yeah I only have been watching, 2.5 years now? I lurked here as i watched the RR and came right after WM 2012? and smackdown has really only had a few moments ever worth watching.

    It pisses me off 100x more having NXT be so great but now be in the smackdown spot. Why does that make any sense?
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  11. This comment alone made me laugh, then made me chuckle for a good three minutes after.
    Not because you're a smart a** (which I'm not frowning upon), but because its true and yet sad at the same time.
    It's as if he expected some glorious post indicating SD had turned a corner, that they had put it all together, that there was a silver lining.

    As Bray would put it, "Everything... Everything is not alright!" Bray's promo sums up my take on SD!
  12. I'm glad to watch the y2j vs Bryatt build, but i'll do it on youtube. The rest I have literally no interest in.

    God I love that promo.
  13. The character differences. DB was supposed to be an underdog while Roman is supposed to look like a major threat.
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  14. More divas!? :yes:
  15. Why should Reigns be a major threat (kayfabe)? He's a rookie, having been in WWE less than 2 years. On the other hand, Bryan had already won the World Heavyweight Championship.
  16. Oh gee I wonder how good Smackdown might be ton--

    >Lillian Garcia sings the Canadian National Anthem

    Well this episode sucks.
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  17. If Bryatt is intentional, I like it.
  18. Someone spends a little to much time in the IWT section :pity1:
  19. I'm certainly not spending any time in Wrestle-one, that's for sure.
  20. Psh, I have me own forum. Wrestle-One's just something I made to make sure a domain didn't go to waste.
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