Spoiler Smackdown Spoilers 7/4

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Nickelodeon, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. I went to Smackdown today, so I'll post the spoilers.

    Dark Match: Stardust and Goldust def. Ascension.

    D-Bry comes out and thanks the NJ crowd

    Actual Show:

    Rollins comes out talks about how Ambrose screwed him. Ambrose comes out. Cuts a promo, then Orton comes out. They attack Ambrose. Reigns makes the save. HHH announces Ambrose vs Orton

    Sheamus vs ADR for the US title. Back and forth match, Del Rio gets the cross arm breaker in twice, Sheamus retains with a Brouge.

    Bo Dallas def one of the matadors. Dallas wins. Afterwards he attacks El Torito. I sat next to the ramp and Bo pointed to me <333

    Big E vs Cesaro. went to the bathroom, Big E won quickly.

    AJ def Eva Marie. Paige on commentary.

    Sandow comes out as Springsteen. Sings Born in the USA and a bunch of other songs, then rusev comes out. Rusev gets rid of him, Swagger comes out and Rusev runs.

    Ambrose vs Orton was slow in the beginning, but picked up at the end. Rollins on commentary, eventually interferes and hits Ambrose with the briefcase. Reigns comes out and makes the save. The show ends.

    Off-air: Ambrose is being tended to by doctors after a nasty landing. Rollins and Orton double team Reigns. Rollins attacks Ambrose. Orton goes for Reigns and gets speared. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Rollins to end the show.
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  2. You went to the restroom during a Cesaro match? :shock:
  3. Show ends with Reigns looking strong. Makes a nice change.

    Cesaro lost on RAW, Main Event, and SD this week.
  4. How long until Ascension joins the main roster? The tag team division could use a boost
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  5. I'll watch
  6. Gonna be watching this tomorrow, as soon as it's uploaded on the main site. It seems like a decent show.
  7. I always watch :jericho:
  8. Seems about as average as one can get, which isn't necessarily tragic.
    It will be interesting to watch Paige grow as a heel.
  9. Okay, my fellow Smackdown non-viewers, if you did not see that Jericho/Wyatt segment, what are you waiting for!?

    Not sure if anyone's told you guys but Ambrose is pretty good at this promo thing, too.
  10. I dont see it on the spoilers. Y2J vs Wyatts on smackdown?

  11. Hot damn is it nice to enjoy these two again.
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  12. My interest in wwe went up 10fold just now.
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  13. Hey Rain you around bro!? You get this notification?
  14. It was a good show! Those promos Y2J and Bray cut were damn good, just like the one 'tween Ambrose and Rollins.
    It was good to see Ambrose and Reigns reunited even for a second.


    Screw Rusev! WE THE PEOPLE!

    All the matches were decent, though.
  16. I would sex up that kicker something special.
  17. It was entertaining.

    The Y2J/Wyatt/Miz-for-a-couple-of-seconds segment was good.

    The Ambrose/Reigns/Orton/Rollins segment was highly entertaining.

    We the people!

  18. I'm beyond thrilled that AJ and Y2J are back in the WWE. Those two alone make wrestling worth watching for the foreseeable future (at least for me anyway). Ambrose and Rollins have been quite entertaining as well.
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