Smackdown Spoilers: August 16

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Aug 14, 2013.

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  2. Don't care for Aj or the divas.
    RVD and Big Show? Yawn.
    Fuck Miz.
    Curtis beats a jobber. Extreme.

    I like the ending, everything else seems lame.
  3. I'm getting the feeling that Barrett is gonna try to interfere in the match against Bryan on Sunday.
  4. Seems like a fun episode.
  5. Looks horrible. Opener looks good, but the rest looks absolutely boring. While RAW is on a roll with being awesome, SmackDown is definitely on a very consistent roll of being diabolically shit.
  6. Looks fine, but the Big Show will need to change his character's name for the Boring Show. Van Dam's influence :pity:
  7. Two matches and Barett still seeks revenge. 'bloody ell'
  8. Why is Bryan still going on SD? Henry and Ryback stopped when they were feuding with Cena.

    lol @ shield losing another six-man tag match
  9. Is Orton's new thing to end every show just by standing on the ramp while holding up his briefcase? Derp.
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  10. The whole wording of the Ryback bit made me chuckle, I'm not going to lie.

    Zack Ryder on TV? :shock:

    Eh, sounds like yet another episode I won't be recording to watch later. None of those matches particularly interest me. The DB match sounds alright, but not enough to save the whole episode.
  11. Seems like a decent episode, but why the hell are they jobbing the Shield out to RVD, Show and Henry?

    Although imagine if Show and Henry team up to become 'THE WORLD'S STRONGEST TAG TEAM'.

  12. Ryder on smackdown? Ill watch.

  13. WWYKKI
  14. no idea what that means.
  15. - Opening seems good.
    - Sounds ok I guess,not too fond on Christian continuing to go over on Del Rio.
    - AJ sucks,so does Kaitlyn. I'd rather see Layla and Natty go one on one.
    - Sounds horrible. Shield have gone so down hill,it's sad. I hope they break up soon.
    - Miz and Swagger? No thanks.
    - Axel hasn't done crap since the Heyman/Punk/Lesnar feud. Is he even booked for SummerSlam?
    - Sounds overbooked.

    This week's Smackdown seems pretty bad,I'll give it a skim though.
  16. troll or dumb?
  17. There are 2 K's in the post.
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  18. You put WWYKKI instead of WWWYKI,bro.
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  19. shit the bed these *****s no stuff
  20. Hoping Wade is Vinces chosen one leading to a title win.
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