Smackdown Spoilers: August 23

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  1. WWE Friday Night Smackdown: The place to go if you mark for getting the same damn main event every week.
  2. Looks like a good episode. I'll enjoy it.
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  3. Hahaha what the fuck?


    :harvey: :dawg: :harvey:

    NIce. Will have to check this out.
  4. Is this really going to happen?

  5. It already did
  6. You mean this already happened?
  7. Yes. Smackdown is taped Tuesday night. It isn't live like RAW.
  8. Yes because it's a taped show.
  9. Btw, seems like a nice show to me. Cage match, and Team That's What I Show. Would watch if I could.
  10. Seems pretty good.

    Curtis getting a win over a rising babyface is great, Dolph getting a win over Big E is always great too. Nice to see they Heyman/Punk feud continuing onto here too. ADR seeming like a Mexican hero still is a bit funny, also seeing as though the segment ended in him getting his ass kicked is humorous as well. Darren getting a singles win is no surprise, but I still mark for him. Daniel Bryan beating Wade Barrett in a cage match and ending with Orton getting the better hand is fine by me.

    Overall it's defiantly watchable, not a bad show.
    Show Spoiler
  11. Seems good although Cesaro jobbing to Young, who is on a winning streak all of a sudden? Don't get me wrong, but why?

    But good show overall, I just want to see Rhodes get a few more wins.
  12. Matches seem lame and boring, but that opening segment looks fantastic. Told you Orton would get heat.
  13. I'll probably watch this show (I've been hearing some good things about SmackDown), but it does annoy me seeing Rhodes go from a big win at SummerSlam to losing to Axel on Raw. Surely there was someone else they could have used that would have had the same affect. Regardless, really interested to see Orton's promo in the opening segment.
  14. Young over Cesaro twice in two days lmfao. Ziggler needs to 'come out' ASAP
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  15. Wade still not over, ugh!
  16. Can you watch it?
  17. Bryan/Orton confrontation, Heyman promo, a few good sounding matches, etc. Sounds like a watchable show.
  18. Some notes courtesy of PWinsider:

  19. lmao at this.

    5)If anybody thought Darren Young's coming out would make a difference, it didn't. The crowd was dead, in fact there was a "We The People" chant started by some in the crowd which was weird since Bakersfield is a heavily populated Hispanic city.
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  20. Bet Crayo still thinks it sucks, even though he never watches it. :pity2:
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