Spoiler Smackdown Spoilers: August 9

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. wrestlinginc
  2. Wyatts vs Kane Inferno match ?
    Rhodes vs Sandow for the briefcase ?
    Preshow Fandango vs Kingston?

    Looks like a nice episode.
  3. Sounds like a pretty damn good Smackdown :obama: Seeing the Wyatt family, a near complete cash in by Sandow, Daniel Bryan and Barrett, and RVD losing is pretty sweet.
  4. Think we can put the IWC cliche of "blame the performer for never being willing to job" out behind the shed. After the last 3 years of RVD being an unprofessional ass who'll always make you look bad, he's jobbed on 3 straight Smackdowns.

    Proud of that one. :obama:

    Not my cup of tea, but if you're into in-ring work live reports say this show's the one for you.
  5. Might give this Smackdown a watch :emoji_slight_smile: Sad that Barrett lost his beard now but who knows he might grow it back :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. ''MizTV with The Miz, AJ Lee'' Nothing more needs to be read. This segment will be sh... FUCKING AWESOME.

    Man, I feel for Barrett. It just had to be him to get humiliated and squashed in the same week. Why not some actual jobber? Is Barrett the only other person with facial hair in the locker room? WWE just loves to shit on the guy it seems, haha.
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  7. Anyway, it looks like a pretty decent show actually. MIGHT tune in if Danny still has his live discussion and whatnot.
  8. Yep you got that right, just shows they dont have anything for Barrett except jobbing him and giving him wins on the UK tour to keep us happy and make us spend money :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. I'm intrigued by this Ring of Fire match...
  10. A competitive Kingston/Fandango feud sounds cool, I thought they were using Fandango to job out to a returning Kofi, but I was wrong. Awesome.
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  11. Van Dam losing.... It deserves to be watched :obama:
  12. will watch, i love this entire card.

    Whoops except DZ and anything MizTv. Mike the Miz is awesome because of what he did from a shit mtv road rules (i think) deal to wwe, but he isnt the star they push him as. He isnt y2j, he isnt roddy piper, dude is a jobber at his best hour, who cant even hold spots for people flying over the ropes. Fuck miz.
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  13. Looks horrid, again.
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  14. Seems like a decent episode, might give a watch for RVD and Bray Wyatt, and I love that there's going to be an inferno match at Summerslam.
  15. Your expectations are way too high for SD lol

    It's a good show if it has 2+ good matches (which could be Christian/ADR or Bryan/Barrett or Orton/RVD), an unexpected or surprising segment (like Rhodes preventing Sandow from cashing in), and some storyline progression (match between DZ+Kaitlyn/E+AJ announced for SS).

    You need to treat it like the secondary show that it is.
  16. Thanks for the attempted advice, but I know how poor SmackDown is and how WWE treat it.

    Christiain/ADR is a match I've seen over and over and over again, and the WHC losing yet again is nothing I am interested in. Orton/RVD sounds like it could be a great match, but I'm still not interested in it remotely. It means nothing. Rhodes stopping Sandow cashing in is predictable, no one thought ADR would lose his title a fortnight before Summerslam. Not one segment is pulling me in.

    Not even Bryan/Barrett and I'm a huge Bryan mark.
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  17. I know the smackdown matches will all be good, i do agree there is no build involved in what happens, it's just filler.

    Entertaining filler with a lot of random fake cheers/jeers.
  18. So next week are you going to post exactly the same thing when the spoilers are similar? Most other people in this thread think it's a good SD. No need to hate on it.
  19. If it's bad, yes. SmackDown doesn't NEED to be bad because it's the 2nd show. It CAN be good, they're just being incredibly lazy with it. Because some members think it's good, I have to agree? Bro, I wouldn't watch this show if you paid me. If I hate it, I'm going to post here on this wrestling forum and tell people I hate it.
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  20. Looks good on paper(excluding The MizTV segment) especially the parts where Fandango goes over Kingston and Van Dam eats another loss. I'll be tuning in Friday.
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