Smackdown spoilers for 6/14

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  2. Well, I was right about Bryan leading the team to The Shield's first six man tag team loss (pin fall/submission wise.)

    Never thought they'd waste it away on fucking Smackdown, though.
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    • Fuck Bryan/Orton. I'll only be okay with this if Orton turns heel and I'm not even completely positive that it's going to happen.
    • Fuck Sheamus. FUCK. SHEAMUS.
    • "Del Rio pinned Ziggler" Shocking.Welcome back, Zigg :smug:
    • Why is Miz laying out Axel? :mad1:
    • I LOVE that Daniel Bryan got the win, via submission at that :yay: .. buttttt... it kinda leaves a sour taste in my mouth knowing that The Shield's "undefeated" streak (as a team) was ended on Smackdown... At least have it happen on Raw ffs (and even then I'd rather it happen on a PPV).
  3. Maybe WWE is trying to get more attention on Smackdown by centering around the Shield and their rivals in the first place. Have no problem with the loss since it was DB. Sounds like a solid show.
  4. Heath Slater beat The Great Khali - haha! :lol1:
  5. That divas match sounds epic.
  6. Some more in depth spoilers:

  7. Big e eating burgers, Dolph being pinned in his return match by the number one contender and Slater vs Khaki sound terrible the rest looks watchable imo at least.
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  8. I am okay with the Shield's first team loss happening on Smackdown. People keep complaining that Smackdown is second rate and not important. But how are you supposed to make the show matter unless you have important things happen on it?

    Daniel being the one to break the Shield streak makes me happy in my jammies as well.
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  9. And the downfall of shield begins. Pathetic that this happened on Smackdown. Absolutely disgusting. The silver lining is Bryan causing it, but otherwise wwe logic strikes again.
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  10. They've lost one match lol, calling it the downfall is jumping the gun slightly isn't it?
  11. It's building up the show. It's not really disgusting, and it's just one lost. I doubt they'll lose the belts, they are all still champions, and still are a threat.
  12. What has been said by the gentleman and my manwife above. One loss does not mean the downfall has started. Instead it spices things up. A faction can only go undefeated for so long before it grows stale and the faction itself loses direction. This loss should in kayfabe motivate the Shield to be even more ruthless and vicious.
  13. The Shield needed to lose to further the story. You could tell they had no idea where to go, the amount of times we've seen The Shield/Hell No+orton is rather high. Now The Shield has lost, there is a reason for them to continue having matches. Notice how Bryan has been shoving Kane away, wanting to team with Orton? It all smells of a heel turn at the PPV. Then Bryan is without Kane because he's pushed him away, and now Orton/Bryan have a programme.
  14. Don't forget to bring home milk :yay:
  15. Bryan hasn't been pushing to team with Orton until now. He's been picking fights with him. The driving factor for Bryan is him wanting to prove himself to Kane (who has a sort of father role in their dynamic) and that he can do fine on his own. That mixed with Randy Orton's egotistical lonewolf character makes for a battle of wills.

    One of the two will go heel at or after payback. And judging by the results here it will be Orton. Makes more sense for the snubbed veteran to turn heel on the up and comer than the up and comer who just scored a major pinfall.
  16. You're the gentleman. Seabs is the manwife.
  17. I meant the booking downfall. The split for example. Way too soon for them to lose and for it to happen on SmackDown sucks. They needed a high before splitting imo. Imagine the undefeated team literally dominating WWE from the top. They could have gone anywhere with this story, and I guess they still can. Them losing on the B show is just disappointing as hell. Should have happened on PPV.
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