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    Thanks to Zach Border (@zachb1012) for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight's tapings in Hershey, PA:

    * The Rock kicks off SmackDown and gets a massive pop from the crowd. Rock tells a story about Hershey from when he was younger and cuts a promo on John Cena. He's interrupted by John Laurinaitis. Rock asks who the hell Laurinaitis is. Laurinaitis says Teddy Long gave him permission to come out.

    Laurinaitis says John Cena is the reason he was fired and he wants to be in Rock's corner at WrestleMania. Rock says we'll let the people decide and they boo. Rock says he and Laurinaitis should send Cena a message together but they need a handshake first. Rock lays Laurinaitis out with a spinebuster and a People's Elbow. Rock pulls a giant Hershey bar from under the ring, signs it and gives it to kids in the crowd.

    * Chris Jericho defeats Wade Barrett. Jericho speaks after the match and says he would love to face the Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania but guesses he will face Fandango instead. The Fandango silhouette drops down on the stage. Jericho picks on Fandango's name. Fandango comes out, walks to the ring but turns around and leaves.

    * While they set up for the weight lifting competition, an interview from earlier in the day with Paul Heyman talking to Matt Striker about Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H is shown.

    * Booker T, Teddy Long, Ryback and Mark Henry come out for the weight lifting challenge. Ryback is up first. Henry and Ryback get the same score. Booker reminds them of a no-contact policy. Henry drops the weight bar across Ryback's neck and Ryback rolls around choking.

    * Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston and AJ Lee vs. Kane, Daniel Bryanand Kaitlyn is up next in mixed-tag action. Kane gives the boot to Big E and Kaitlyn pins AJ for the win.

    * The Shield cut a promo on the big screen.

    * Jack Swagger and The Great Khali wrestle in what was said to be a very bad match. They both get counted out. Swagger puts the Patriot Lock on Hornswoggle when Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and tells Swagger to come and get him. Alberto Del Rio sneaks in the ring and puts the armbreaker on Zeb Colter. Del Rio holds Zeb and Ricardo hits him with the crutch. Swagger comes back and Del Rio hits him.

    * Backstage interview with Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show.

    * They show Arnold Schwarzenegger's tweet talking about inducting Bruno Sammartino.

    * Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton is up next. Orton, Show and Sheamus get the win. The Shield appears but get chased into the crowd. Orton, Show and Sheamus beat them up bad and pose at the top of the stairs.

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  2. Looks terrible in my opinion. I don't care for Ace, and him returning is more of a determent for me than anything else. I'll admit I'm curious about just how large this "giant" Hershey Bar is. Jericho vs. Barrett could be good, but I don't care enough to actually want to see it. A weight lifting competition? I can't imagine that being entertaining in the slightest. The first six man tag doesn't really do anything for me, I only like half of the competitors. I'll probably check out The Shield promo. The Swagger & Khali segment looks atrocious. You'd have to pay me to watch that. The main event could be pretty good, I might check that out at the very least.
  3. Jericho and Barrett, Mixed Tag match, all I wanna watch :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:!
  4. In for Mr excitement, so rad and cool.
  5. The whole episode looks decent.

    -Rock promo/segment
    -Jericho promo and match
    -Shield promo
    -Henry choking Ryback to death
  6. The program looks good but the Laurinatis return may be a funny thing :otunga:
  7. Henry/Ryback sounds cool, except for Ryback equaling Henry's weight total. Fuck that, Henry could bench press Ryback if he wanted to.
  8. Off-topic but worth pointing out: WWE spoiled themselves.
  9. Cool stuff!
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  10. That first segment is beautiful. "There's no way, AND BIG JOHNNY MEANS NO WAY, John Cena is winning at Wrestlemania" :yes:
  11. I liked the show.
    The Rock on TV.
    Ace is back bitches #peoplepower.
    Fandango and Jericho .
    AJ actually wrestling.
    Shield's promo.
    Ryback being choked.
    The brawl at the end was okay.
    WTF Ryback stronger than Henry :haha:
  12. So what was the point in 'Big Jonny' coming back? Or did I miss something? Looks to me like they brought him back to take a peoples elbow as they had no other authority figure to do so. Completely ruined the segment..
  13. He's a really over heel and Rock is a really over face -- do the math.
  14. Heyman made it clear that HHH's COO position is on the line in their match as well. Hope he does that on Raw as well, that was really missing from this feud.
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