SmackDown spoilers for this Friday.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Another episode I won't be watching.
  2. Trying to turn Bryan's gimmick into Sheamus gimmick? Fuck you Smackdown writers. Michael Hayes may you step on Lego.
  3. That annoyed me too. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Bryan getting upset at Alberto for interfering sounds very noble of him. Fans will appreciate this and like him even more, I think
  5. I hope this isn't a face turn though :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. I'm rooting for a DB face turn just so Crayo has to cry himself to sleep. Sounds like another SD I will be fast forwarding through 90% of.
  7. Bryan wants it all.
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  8. To be honest I won't be too mad. Not as mad as I would be for a Miz turn for example. He's over, so he won't be a dull face who gets zero reactions. But I just don't want either a super Bryan or a smiley Bryan. We saw how boring Bryan's character was before the heel turn, so let's not go there again.
  9. I'm expecting his face turn anytime soon. It will definitely be a good run for him as a face now that he's so over with the fans.

    OT: Didn't find anything good within these spoilers, won't be watching it I guess.
  10. Face Bryan vs Face Punk? Nah.
  11. So much for false advertising...remember the suppose made main event promo that aired on Raw?
  12. Nope, what was it?
  13. It was Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and Kane.
  14. I guess they changed it to this to effectively rid SmackDown of Daniel Bryan so he can hop onto RAW.
  15. I thought Hayes was future endeavored after the ratings tanked. You know, the days of Orton burying the entire roster, Ezekiel Jackson in every 1-hour Main Event, and them trying to reunite Legacy with no plan at all. Boy, does that dark time of Smackdown look so good right now...

    If they are planning on pushing some of the NXT guys up to Smackdown, any way they can bring up the NXT Creative Team? Yeah, apples and oranges, but it's worth a shot at this point.

    Damien Sandow looks interesting, apparently he has Hanel's classical music piece "Hallelujah" as his theme. Lets hope he actually does something interesting... doubt it.
  16. Smackdown is still alive?


  17. A decent Smackdown again. Enjoyed the Daniel Bryan Sheamus match until the shitty end, the Kofi/R-Truth vs Hunico/camacho match and surprisingly the Diva's match. Some cracking wrestling just ruined by the terrible and predictable outcome of the Sheamus and Big Show matches.

    Again worth watching, just don't get angered by Sheamus and Show if possible. By the way when Bryan is arguing with Eve and demanding a match with Sheamus in her office it makes him look so much tougher as a heel, hope they continue to go down that road.

    P.S Sheamus doing the YES! was completely cringeworthy and annoying.
  18. Albin your sig made me :terry:
  19. :tagteammatch: on Long/Cesaro segment, playa.
  20. Lmao I know, was giggling for ages at it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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