SmackDown spoilers for this week

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. This sounds horrible. You have Henry now teaming with The Uso's, where about two weeks ago he would have world strongest slammed both of them - on top of eachother. You have WWE teasing RVD vs ADR for Summerslam, which again seems horrible. You have WWE teasing a mixed tag-team match at Summerslam; Big E and AJ vs Dolph and Kaitlyn - horrible.

    At least we get a Wyatt appearance, and some good Cody vs Damien build.
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  2. Meh, doesn't look so bad to me.
  3. Not that horrible. Inb4 Kaitlyn + Ziggler. RVD vs Del rio it's the right choice. RVD is not going to wins so yeah. Then I'm happy because Rhodes vs Sandow will be for the briefcase since everything has been built around it. Hope it is a ladder match. Then you have the Wyatts at SD! That's always cool. And Henry vs The Shield. Couldn't care less about face Henry tbh
  4. Looks better than the RAW taping imo!

    Apparently the dark main event was Ziggler v Big E in a street fight. Wouldn't mind seeing that at SS.
  5. Show Spoiler

    -How to get shitty ratings on Smackdown, volume 7: Start the show with an Orton promo.
    -Orton vs Sandow, at least a otherwise filler match has a point. It furthers a feud, and after complaining about these normally not doing so for so long that's fine and dandy.
    -You can tell Triple H is in charge lmao. "Hey, Fandango, why don't you go out and look like a jackass for no reason!" Pointless "burials" ftw. Yay Punk promo!
    -I'm torn on the Henry thing. On one hand the babyface turn is going fine so far. His character hasn't changed, he's just beating up the other guys and being more endearing. On the other hand being in another Shield random six-man is a complete waste of Henry, and what's worse is that the Shield have fallen so low that they're considered "a waste of someone" when you feud with them. You fail, WWE. But then again Henry didn't have a logical opponent anyway, and this way he can feud with ADR soon I guess... but that leaves Dolph with nothing to do... good problem to have?
    -Barrett and Magnus for TNA Tag Team Champions
    -Happy there's backstage segments again, but these look terrible. ADR, RVD, and Vickie in a back and forth? Holy shit! Why not stick Khali in there too!
    -Lmfao RVD's an idiot. "Yeah, dude... have you seen my KAPOW!" Hey, you know what they say about short-term memory loss... Hope ADR stiffed and broke his teeth for Barrett, fuck RVD
    -So many Sandow clips... oh, well, it's backstage segments that don't involve idiots, so guess we shouldn't complain. Plus it's all putting Cody over which is long overdue
    -OMG THE WYATT FAMILY WRESTLING!? Awesome! Wyatt promo! Even better! Gotta see that :emoji_slight_smile:
    -Christian and Swagger, woo filler

    Live reports say go out of your way to see Punk vs Fandango, it was a fantastic match. I won't, but you guys may be interested.
    Also, there was a segment afterwards with Cody outside of the same bridge the Rock threw Austin off. Cody threw the briefcase and Damien jumped in after it.
    Also the Ziggler vs Big E dark match was really good as well, so that match at SS shouldn't disappoint.
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  6. Lol Rhodes
  7. Looks better than next week's RAW tapings.
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  8. Christian is on a roll!
    Awwww RIGHT!

  9. RVD loses :yay:
  10. Punk vs. Fandango should be an interesting match to see.​
  11. Looks mediocre as fuck. Borderline shit.
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