Smackdown Spoilers: June 1

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Wait, it's June already? Anyway, here goes...

    Oh dear god. Talk about a bad show.


    Somewhere in Chicago, Thewindyfan is in tears. They blew through his dream match in 2 minutes.
  2. I won't judge until I see it but I believe the matches, no matter how short can be decent or good and thus enhance the quality of the show. It will be a decent Smackdown at best but nothing more. #theeternaloptimist
  3. So bad. Won't be tuning in. Will YT for the Ryback & Sin Cara match. Will listen to Sandow's promo if he made one.
  4. lol @ Ziggler volunteering to job to She Moose. Lame

    Hopefully we get a Swagger/Ziggler match at NWO w/ Vickie in Swagger's corner & Dolph buries them both and moves on with his life.
  5. This worries me, it looks like they're doing it in a way to turn Dolph face. Lets hope they don't screw this up.

    Anyway, why is it that every time new talents reach television, they immediately get booked like complete jobbers, blame them for not getting over, then bury them even more? Fuck. See ya back on NXT/Superstars soon, Titus and Darren. It's a shame you never had a chance.
  6. Dolph really shouldn't be a face, I don't think he is turning tbh. I'm presuming he'll be used for Orton.
  7. There's no reason for Dolph to turn face but WWE is too thick to realize this and will probably turn him.

    "OMG, Dolph is a heel breaking away from 2 other heels.. this can only mean one thing.. FACE TURN!"
  8. Exactly, Dolph's. Maybe they can Aries him.

    However, if they keep teasing turning Dolph and then have Swagger turn on him, I'll give UnCreative 2 weeks off from constantly hammering them. Since they cater to American audiences, giving the All-American American a patriotic face character is easy enough... but where would that leave Vickie?
  9. Vacation time and then she can help début and manage some new or lower card guy.
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  10. Sin Cara is the only good thing about this episode.
  11. And Ryback. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Maybe if he wasn't fighting jobbers again he would be.

    I wanna see Cara cuz I've never seen him on TV, just youtube. I also wanna see his new attire.
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  13. Exactly. Can't Bobvangolddamberg do something interesting for a change?
  14. Tbh, he's good enough to make me interested in useless matches. He's very good at being a dominant monster in the ring with a nice unique move set, he executes it so well. Link me to another clothesline currently like his in WWE.
  15. He does have a nice move-set. Like when he lifts his opponent up then slam that, that's impressive. But he still needs something new.
  16. Won't be watching. Really suckish. I'll YT Cara (botcher's return!) and Closing Segment.


    Strip club lighting. ILU for a second there, @[Rainman]. <3
  17. Wait, what's with the fail tag? Lol. I just copied and pasted this from ProWrestling.Net, throw your love their way.

    However, Justin Gabriel's back on NXT this week.
  18. Man I can't wait for the new NXT.
  19. Gabriel was back and he was as awesome in the ring as always.
  20. @[Crayo] tags r broke :upset:
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