Smackdown Spoilers: June 27

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jul 24, 2012.

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  2. I called Alberto being number one contender again. and HHH just fuck off already, stop burying Sandow. Ryback got a good challenger there. Antonio for next US Champion :yay: and :facepalm1: Let Rosa take the pics you cock blocks.
  3. Del Rio again? :facepalm:

    Miz retaining, OK. Ryback will maybe feud with Mahal... as long as he squashed him as soon as possible OK. Sheamus burying again, meh. Jericho and Ziggler continuing their feud, good. Cesaro should win the US title, it'd be nice, even more if he customized it somehow. Sandow getting heat... awesome. HHH burying him must've been off TV.
  4. Link, Pretty sure the Triple H thing was off camera as it usually is. Hope Sandow got mic time on TV, and congrats on calling ADR.

    Pretty standard Smackdown imo. Seems like a solid enough show, but nothing I'd really want to watch and definitely nothing that will captialize on the momentum Raw created. Booking was as simple as possible, and please get Rhodes and Ziggler as far away from the Big White Burying Machine as possible ffs.
  5. Yeah, I'd say it was a regular show. Continued feuds, Del Rio as contender, Cesaro maybe going for US title, but nothing that spectacular.
  6. Shitload of recaps.
  7. Who didn't predict Del Rio becoming the #1 contender again?
  8. I am just happy that Miz has one official, successful title defense. :yes:
  9. Seems like another Smackdown that I will not bother to watch.
  10. They were clearly setting him up with a match against Rey, but guess that's out. They'll probably make it a triple threat, which could set up Rey pinning Alberto and Dolph cashing in on him.
  11. Looks like a good episode match quality vise. Will watch it cause I like high match quality.
  12. This looks okay tbh. IC title segment opening which means more prestige. Miz winning cleanly is great. Jericho v Ziggler build looks awesome, loving that feud. Ignoring all bits of Sheamus. ADR being #1 contender again is just predictable and filler for Zigglers time.
  13. Good too see Cesaro win (needs to get pushed.) As for Del Rio...this isn't a shocker I guess, but I just want him to please get off my television.
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  14. I didn't even notice Cesaro's win, nice. I think his lack of mic skills will really hold him back though.
  15. I gave SD two chances and it doesn't look like their 3rd will come this week. I picture at least half the show being Raw recaps, and none of the rest of that sounds too great.
  16. YouTube it and skip RAW recaps. The rest looks decent.
  17. will watch, and use my laptop at the same time, just not the same way Jose does. :haha:
  18. Smackdown definitely worth a watch guys. Can I also point out how poor some of the grammar is in that article? Professional writers not even proof reading their work is pathetic.
  19. OMG, what do they see in Del Rio!?! Like seriously, his character is so limited right now why are you trying to push a character with limits it cannot exceed.
  20. Nothing matters except backstage politics.
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