Smackdown Spoilers: June 29th (MITB Qualifying, Triple Threat WHC)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jun 26, 2012.

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  2. If Tyson Kidd wins the MITB match, I will cry. :yay:
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  3. I almost cried seeing he was in there. Tyson Kidd Push FTW!

    But the MITB Match is Tyson, Santino, Sandow, Tensai, and Christian, may be more to come. That's not much better than the Raw one tbh. Tyson and Christian, yay. Santino and Tensai won't do anything in there, and Sandow's a complete wild-card.
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  4. It'd be absolutely epic. :win:

    Santino, Tensai, and Christian are just filler spots if you ask me, since Tensai is fat and Santino and Christian already hold championships....

    I think they are saving the last slot for Barrett or Mysterio, and whoever it is will probably win it as much as I hate to say it. :upset:
  5. Meh, still trumps the RAW one imo.

    This doesn't look too bad or good. Some shit moments, won't watch the ME. Will watch Ryder, glad he's getting over. Will watch Kidd push too. The rest I'll most likely skip.
  6. PISSED you wasted my time. Tyson/sandow/adr/DZ now. Winner loses to sheamus again. DONT mark unless it worth marking for. Sorry just really butthurt it's just another match. Its like saying MARKIN FOR RAW...DB BIG NEWS, and that he beat CM and Kane in a nontitle match. Butthurt.
  7. You knew DZ wasn't going to win. The Great White Burying Machine rambles on, and Ziggler continues to be a glorified jobber. Just as we all thought. Never said anything about DZ btw.

    Usually on Smackdown, nothing good happens. But I speak for many people on this site that anything representing a Tyson Kidd push is something we've all been waiting for. It's long overdue. Plus we get a MITB Match that looks really unpredictable... maybe not really good, but really unpredictable. Hopefully Dolph finds a way in there.

    As for the DB thing, him actually going over someone is big news. He's a heel in a company full of 8-Year-Olds running Creative. Heels can't win.
  8. You hurt my feelings, as we all know DZ deserves that random win. Getting excited for Kidd is the same deal, he makes others looks great and has a huge match, but is irrelevant, and wont even be in the pin. It's like saying oh great Dolphs is going to beat Seabs, but realizing both will job to the brothers crayo. Pointless and painful to see.
  9. Smackdown MitB is shaping up to be 10x better than Raw's but Tensai is going to bury the fuck out of the talents getting pushed in the match.
  10. This money in the bank is good. A hell of a lot better then Raw's shitty one. Regardless of Tensai and Santino, the other wrestlers will make this entertaining.
  11. isnt rey on suspension for breaking the wellness policy? why would they push him when he makes a comeback?
  12. He is scheduled to return next week and WWE is going to push both him and Orton when he returns as to lighten the load of the current main eventers like Cena, Punk and Sheamus. Punk has been pulling double duty at house shows for both brands for example.
  13. Big star who has been there for ages. It's as simple as that really.
  14. Rey will get pushed as he is a merch machine for the kids as well.
  15. I love reading the spoilers after watching the show, just to see the random non-televised burials. HHH and King, with Booker joining the fun as well. Otunga did those poses before his match here in Brazil a month ago, so I guess they were testing it or something.

    Ziggler's shirt sold out? Cool. Real chant for Ryback, very nice to know of as well... Tyson Kidd winning? Awesome! Really liked to see it, but he'll probably just be there to do a few high spots. Well, still may mean a push for him or something. And about MITB, Cody Rhodes was complaining about not being pinned and that he should be in the match. I think this might lead to Rhodes entering the match somehow.

    Also, Swagger seems to be in a "downward spiral" storyline, or something similar. I hope he turns face.
  16. Watched this one with a friend, surprisingly good match between Layla and AJ. Damien Sandow still has shown nothing in the ring, Kidd stole the show as usual, Swagger deserves more credit as a seller. The tag match was awful as you'd expect (Hoss needs to watch those poses), despised seeing Fat Albert no-sell everything Justin Gabriel did. Heard good reviews of the main event, and ADR and Ziggler did indeed give good performances, but even if you could believe one of those two was going to win, in the match Lameus never seemed like he was in danger of losing the title.

    Yeah, It's way too late. The train's left the station because he should have been pushed months ago, but dammit! Cody Rhodes should be the #1 contender! The match will be good, and two champions in ADR and Rey, plus Ziggler, will be available to stick in MITB. And the matches would be much better for it.
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