Smackdown Spoilers: June 7 (Oh Boy!)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Wow, this one's got some interesting stuff to go with it...

    :robbie: Definitely want to see how this goes down on TV...

    Better Spoilers (credit Alkaline) that won't copy/paste for some reason:
  2. :robbie:
    He'll get cheered on RAW, lol.
    No one watches SmackDown! Unless he shits on the crowd.
  3. Sounds much better than RAW. An non count out Axel victory? :hmm:
  4. The Orton Heel turn is finally here apparently. And judging by the more in detail spoilers up at WrestlingInc it was very well written leading up to the "big bang".
  5. ''During match, Bryan accidentally hit Orton. Orton RKO'd Bryan afterward.''

    :no: :no: :no:

    Fuck that shit.
  6. Orton was probably not following the script. And Daniel was trying to tell him to calm down but Orton snapped and he returned to his never ending period.
  7. No way would they turn one of the most over faces in WWE heel on SmackDown. It's funny though, because before I read this thread, I was going to make a thread questioning whether Bryan would be the perfect superstar for Orton to turn heel on. He needs to do something like this on RAW as well to solidify it.
  8. Another skip able Smackdown.

    I don't like them giving away Axel/Jericho on Smackdown if that's what they're going with for Payback. Just a nitpick.

    I also wouldn't say that they're turning Randy Orton heel just yet. He delivered an RKO to Bryan but he also gave one to Sheamus several months ago and people thought that was a sign he was going heel too but it wasn't. He's an edgy baby face (the closest we have to one in modern day WWE) that doesn't care for most others in the company. I'm reminded of a few discussions here before though about who Orton could attack that would actually make people hate him. Sheamus was ruled out since the crowds generally don't care for him and neither does most of the viewing audience at home. Daniel Bryan is a guy popular enough that could fit the bill.

    Even then, I'm not sure, I could still see Orton getting pops. I realize neither guy is as popular as Austin and Rock overall but to bring up a comparable example, Austin bashing the fuck out of Rock and joining up with the hated Vince didn't make people boo him in large quantities either. I think the fans might just love Orton too much for whatever reason. I mean, he's remained consistently one of the most popular guys on the roster since turning face three years ago, no matter what he's doing.

    I still vote for turning Sheamus heel rather than Orton, but so few care about The Celtric Warrior that they might not even care if he went heel.
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  9. Some more detailed spoilers from Wrestlinginc:
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  10. ADRDR?? :win:

    Finally Kaitlyn's secret admirer will be revealed!! :yay: Can't wait! That is why I tune in every week, to keep up with the love-angle stories!

    DZ at Raw :gusta: I do like how the more detailed spoilers mention the huge reaction for The Shield, also.

    Anyway, I had already canceled this week's recording on my DVR but may have to set it back to record after all so I can check some of this stuff out. Could be a pretty good episode.
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  11. Will watch like always on saturday morning just for bryan.

  12. You and I both! :yay: :yes:
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  13. Phase 1 of Orton Heel Turn: Completed
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