Smackdown Spoilers: June 8

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jun 6, 2012.

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    4 squash matches on one show plus a Khali match can kiss my ass, but this doesn't look that bad. Rhodes destroying the set, Sandow and Cole ripping into Hornswoggle in one segment, Ricardo being a boss, a Sheamful win actually furthering a storyline, AJ, and a Christian/Dolph match means there's plenty that I'd want to see.

    Oh, and something resembling a Tyson Kidd push. :yes:

  2. :dafuq: do they want bad ratings or something? I seriously hope the rumor of Vince demanding changes to creative are true cause at the moment it looks like Stephanie wants to ruin her fathers product. :facepalm1:
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  3. Which post did you see, Stopspot? The long version looks a lot better than the short one.
  4. I saw the short one. Now that I've seen the long one I'm not that pissed and it actually looks like a decent Smackdown. Wonder if they'll let Sandow and Kidd feud. That feud could be boss quality.
  5. Just saw this on the link listed:

    Best Pops:

    - Lilian Garcia (no lie, the roof blew off for her!)
    - Triple H
    - Great Khali
    - Finish of the post-taping dark match (Arn Anderson low-blows Kane, Brogue Kick, Pin)
    - Sheamus
    - Ryback

    Best Heat:

    - Michael Cole
    - Alberto Del Rio
    - Damien Sandow
    - Drew McIntyre

  6. I's Lilians hometown. Of course she will get hometown pop.
  7. Lol at you thinking Drew is getting a push. He got the Miz/Ryder treatment, the random HHH pedigree.

    This show is one of the worst SmackDown's this year and that's an achievement. I'll watch opening segment for Ricardo, Ryback and then Christian/Rhodes probably.
  8. Khali needs to hang up the boots. He's just terrible and is going to injure someone again. He's already killed one person in the ring and he's just been terrible lately and won't suprise me if he seriously injures somebody next. (The death wasn't fully he's fault, The guy had a concussion and the doctors cleared him to compete. He smashed the back of his head and died because of it.)

    This Smackdown just sounds terrible. I usually enjoy Smackdown more because they have better wrestling but like stated above 4 squash matches in one show. No thanks.
  9. I'm loving this AJ thing! It has sooo many layers too's as if "Creative" are giving a crap!
  10. wheres Daniel Tosh when you need him. AAAARRRN!
  11. This sounds awesome:

    Alberto Del Rio opens with a recap of his attack on Sheamus on Raw. Ricardo Rodriguez is missing. Sheamus’s music hits, but it’s Rodriguez dressed up like Sheamus, including bright white tights and shirt to emulate Sheamus’s skin. He does a hilarious imitation of Sheamus as Del Rio interviews him.

    Too bad the real Sheamus had to show up and ruin it.
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