Smackdown Spoilers: March 22

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Mar 20, 2013.

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  2. Biggest complaint about the show, Miz beating Cesaro via submission (okay, the submission part isn't that important). This isn't Miz hating or anything like that, but this, and the way it's set up, just makes it seem as if the whole purpose of the Miz/Cesaro feud was so that down the line they can have Miz beat Cesaro to prove his worth against Barrett. Basically, this whole match makes it feel, to me at least, that the United States Championship is a step below the Intercontinental Championship. This is a constant critique of WWE but what the hell, Cesaro is your US Champion, get him involved in a feud of his own. Titles should mean something. You shouldn't use your champion to prove that one guy is capable of beating another champion, well that is unless you're going to use it down the line, and that's not going to happen (though I for one, wouldn't be against it - though it wouldn't work here). Basically, the US Champion shouldn't be a stepping stone to the IC Champion, and vise versa.

    Otherwise, this show just looks poor. At least it features logical story progression so that's a plus, but that doesn't mean it seems like something that would be a fun waste of two hours. Like for example, I'm glad they're not doing that stupid "refuse to work" Fandingoeatmybabio schtick this episode but I can't say I really want to see him hit a top rope leg drop.
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  3. Looks like another SmackDown that I simply will not watch. None of those segments entice me at all.
  5. " The Miz defeated Antonio Cesaro by submission. Barrett teased Miz with the Intercontinental Title."

    The only good thing to come from that is they're putting more importance on the IC title than the US title.
  6. Fandango kicking Jericho's ass? What da heeeeyul
  7. Glad to see Bella's and Rhodes Scholars in a match.

    This has happened before, like really recently.

    Ergh, Ceasro losing is bad enough, but to the Miz again :/ I wish they'd stop pushing him already.
  8. Agree, I simply watch it because of some fights or updates but... Some segments are simply really annoying
  9. Think I might tune in to see Ziggler vs Kofi for 49043823587835762953th time.
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