Smackdown Spoilers: May 11

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Stole your thread, Crayola. :lol1:
    Holy crap, 10 matches!

    Lots of different things going on, love that. At least they are making the title match feel important... but the show still doesn't look that good. Typical Squashdown.

    And where the fack did Mark Henry go?
  2. Sandow is a boss haha.

    Looks like it could be good, especially the build-up for the Fatal Four Way match.
  3. SmackDown!'s better than RAW ATM. Really nice!

    So, Orton's a tweener now? Or he's going heel again? :emoji_wink:)
  4. Swagger has a match? That means....... [​IMG]
  5. So Randy Orton has 2 matches, every single WHC related segment ended in DQ? Overkill. Better than most SmackDown's though. You still have the complete utter clusterfucks but I think this might be a SmackDown I might not score in the negatives. Bryan appearing, ADR and Jericho not looking completely retarded. AZCtually, scratch that, just saw ADR eating both super-finishers. Teddy Long having his casual pervert segment is annoying. Clay and Ryback squash again. Sandow being a boss. Cesaro having a match.

    Meh, will still YT it.
  6. Still going to YT a bit of it too Crayo. But by god almighty does it seem just as crappy as mondays raw.
  7. 3. Daniel Bryan beat Big Show via John Laurinaitis's ruling. Laurinaitis interrupted the match and called it in favor of Bryan, claiming Big Show tapped. Laurinaitis then ordered Big Show to apologize again.

    This sounds awesome. The rest sounds like shit
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  8. Yeah, unfortunately it's going to work out with Show going nuts and burying Ace. -.-
  9. Nobody could bury Ace
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  10. If Santino and Brodus are still teaming, that's 3 segments spent on the tag division. How can you not love that?
  11. Because having tag-team matches/segments doesn't equal a tag-team division.

    "Brodus came back and went Funkadellic and got the win" - lol'd.
  12. ^ Nobody is bigger than People Power! @{Crayo]
  13. Lol fair point :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  14. Same here.
  15. Incoming Big Show heel turn. Cody is going face and Show heel. The dirtsheets say their feud is culminating at Over The Limit.

    We need another monster heel. :obama:
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