Smackdown Spoilers: May 18

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, May 15, 2012.

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  1. This actually looks really good. I'd wonder if this is enough content to last 2 hours, seemed like a typo, but when you factor in replays of the 3 insufferable segments from Raw it makes sense. Doesn't seem to have any squashes, that's great!
  2. I'm pissed. SmackDown for once looks like it's watchable, but they've not used a single segment to build Punk vs Bryan....

    Punk is still bagging on Ace which is fine if he wasn't feuding with Bryan. He's not in a feud with Ace any more ffs. Bryan v Punk is completely ruined, it's just a meaningless match now. Sheamus went over Orton clean? DAYUM there's no one he'll lay down for, I'm glad he took an RKO though. By the sounds of Orton out-popping Sheamus again I'm not sure we'll see a heel turn from anyone.

    Kane destroying your WWE champion, but then days later is on the pre-show against Zack Ryder. Did Kane and Ryder get ANY build? I'm sure there's kids or something in charge of SmackDown.

    Titus and O'Neil losing fucksucks, but at least they're on SmackDown. The 2nd best tag-team in WWE atm.
  3. Crayo, guess we have to enjoy this minor victory as fans. WWE almost seems intent to get as few buys for his PPV as possible, they found a way to even screw up the build on Superstars, so we should take this good SD episode and enjoy it.
  4. Good is a stretch though. I guess in comparison to recent SmackDown's then it falls into the good category. But as an individual show we still have thousands of recaps, pointless tag-team match, WWE champion losing to a pre-show superstar, no build for any matches apart from WHC match, Sheamus winning yet again which no, isn't a personal annoyance, but why would the casual tune in when every single week Sheamus, the WHC wins? What's the point?

    The only positive I can take from both RAW and SD is that they're probably going to unify the US and IC titles which is great.
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  5. Maybe I'm just being a debbie downer but I don't see what looks so good about this shit.
  6. It's not you. Our Smackdown expectations have gotten that low.
  7. Kane beats Punk? Guess ill be watching SD this friday :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I just hate how nothing happens on SD.. they always have one feud going (for the WHC), none of the matches mean anything, they have very few storylines ever happening and when they do they are basic and boring..

    The show has just become a wasteland
  9. remember when they had rock/kurt/cena/brock/rey at smackdown/ that was when smackdown was the piss
  10. Even 2009, when they had Rey/Jeff/Heel Punk/Batista/Edge/Jericho/Morrison among others.
  11. The show was acceptable. O'Neil and Young losing was a downer though. :upset:
  12. Not sure why you include Morrison but you're right, SmackDown has only really sucked since Jericho & Edge moved on.
  13. Because Melina with her splits and big fake tits. :yay:
  14. His babyface turn and the great matches he had with Mysterio, Punk, and I think even Edge, really got him over with a bunch of fans. It was a pretty big highlight of that year imo.

    And I completely agree. Edge leaving was the death of Smackdown due to Orton/Christian, the worst feud of all time.
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