Spoiler Smackdown spoilers: Oct. 25

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  1. WWE taped this week’s episode of Smackdown on Tuesday night from the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama. Below are full results:

    WWE Smackdown (Airing on SyFy)

    * Michael Cole interviews Triple H, who derides The Big Show‘s recent actions. He notes that he fired several employees after Big Show was allowed to appear on Raw, and affirms that Big Show is still fired. They discuss Shawn Michaels‘ role at Hell in a Cell before Daniel Bryan interrupts and talks trash to Triple H. Bryan and Triple H stare each other down to end the segment.

    * The Usos b. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. The Miz was ringside for the match and attacked Bray Wyatt (Miz kicked Bray Wyatt.), distracting Harper & Rowan and allowing The Usos to get the win.

    * AJ Lee (with Tamina) b. Nikki Bella (with Brie) by submission with The Black Widow.

    * Los Matadores b. Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre. The Real Americans looked on from the stage during the match.

    * The Wyatt Family is shown backstage. They have The Miz in chains in a cage, and the word LIAR is written on his chest.

    * Ryback & Paul Heyman b. CM Skunk in a No Disqualification handicap match. CM Skunk was a local talent. After the match, Heyman cut a promo about Hell in a Cell. (Ryback and Paul Heyman beat a guy that they called CM Skunk. They made the crowd think they were taking on Punk, right down to his music, but Skunk came out instead. Heyman cut a great promo on Punk after the match.)

    * Backstage, Big E Langston approaches Vickie Guerrero and says he wants The Miz‘s spot in the main event. (They made a match where The Rhodes Brothers, Daniel Bryan and Miz take on The Shield and Randy Orton in the main event. With Miz chained up, Big E sweet talked Vickie Guerrero into taking Miz's spot in the match.)

    * Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo about how he will defeat John Cena at Hell in a Cell.

    * The Great Khali w/ Natalya vs. Fandango w/ Summer Rae ended with a no contest when Natalya & Summer Rae started brawling. Khali then hit Fandango with a chop.

    * Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, Cody Rhodes & Goldust b. Randy Orton & The Shield to end the show. (Bryan pinned Orton for the win.)

    Dark Match:

    Kingston beat Tyler Breeze. Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise in about five minutes.

    Information compiled from PWInsider and Wrestling News World.
  2. That Wyatt segment with Miz sounds awesome. Sounds like a good show.
  3. Being that the show was close to me, I'm wondering who the local talent was.
  4. Khali then hit Fandango with a chop. - Now that is worth watching the whole show for, all by itself.
  5. Sounds entertaining, That Wyatt chain segment sounds creepy, Big E push :obama: , Sweet main event but still lack of confirmed matches for HIAC.
  6. The segment where The Wyatts have Miz trapped in a cage just about makes the show worth watching. Also,cool to see Breeze working dark matches.
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  7. He's been on the house show circuit since Friday I think. Getting good reviews backstage apparently for his heel work.
  8. Yeah he posted some selfies from his Live Event shows.
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  9. Almost enough to make me wish I had gone.
  10. Good show, will watch this time
  11. Looks like a pretty interesting Smackdown. Thanks for the spoilers, I was too lazy to go look on the spoiler sites for it.
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  12. Im betting on Bryan winning, but the WWE recognizing it with an asterisk or something of that sort. Saying there is no need for a #1 contender, only to remove HBK from the deal. HBK isnt going heel, he is going to be fair, im betting Big show shows up and pretends he will do something, then gets his ass kicked by HHH himself. HHH and whoever will be fighting on the outside, as Orton talks to db. HBK will get the attention of Orton, and face bryan will win cheap. That is how i see this feud continuing. It's just a shot in the dark.
  13. I cringe knowing that Natalya is still with Khali :upset: The Wyatt segment though...sounds.........interesting, how about they put Maryse there instead of Miz :gusta: or both! :yay:
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