Smackdown Spoilers: September 14

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Sorry for being late guys, and here's more words for all the Tapatalk users out there... Okay.

  2. Sounds like a average Smackdown. I'm glad Sin Cara & Kaitlyn picked up victories.
  3. Of course Kidd is on the show but won't be on TV. :cry:
  4. ^Man, I hope that's televised. From what ProWrestling.Net said, Tyson and Nattie were the most over people not named Orton on the show. Wouldn't it be great to see a heel like Cesaro hog the spotlight, just to let Tyson be the guy who takes him out, in his hometown, to a great crowd reaction? That'd be the perfect way to re-introduce Kidd (well, if Brodus wasn't there), but nah, they'd rather blow it off in a dark segment.
  5. Right? Scumbags. :sad:
  6. * Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and David Otunga come to the ring to open SmackDown. Both Ricardo and Otunga are wearing neckbraces. They’re upset about Sheamus and the deposition. Daniel Bryan comes out and then Sheamus comes out. Sheamus isn’t buying it and lays Otunga out.

    - Lmao god awful segment, won't be watching.

    * Sin Cara defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz in a non-title match.

    - Way to put your champ over, I hope it's dirty or something.

    * Kane defeated Kofi Kingston by chokeslam.

    - Meh

    * Randy Orton came out to a massive pop and beat Tensai with the RKO.

    - Skip

    * It was announced that The Miz will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, & Cody Rhodes at WWE Night of Champions this Sunday.

    - Sweet

    * Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan in a WrestleMania Rematch is announced for the main event.

    - DB will job.

    * Antonio Cesaro came out to cut a promo. He was attacked by Brodus Clay & Tyson Kidd, who then danced in the ring. This segment could be a just for the live crowd.

    - Antonio Cesaro cut a promo? Urm, yayyyy?

    * Kaitlyn gets the upset over Beth Phoenix. Layla was on commentary.

    - Piss break

    * Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan with the Texas Cloverleaf.

    - Lmao oh dear

    Skipping SmackDown, sucky sucky show this week.
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  7. Nice results from Smackdown! Very well said that The Miz is going to be a Fatal 4 way for his Intercontinental Championship! Nice win for Sheamus! :yes:
  8. Added more info. More Anger Management Segments! :dawg:

    More RKO's to Ziggler :downer:
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