Smackdown Spoilers; September 21

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. How many words should I put up here for the Tapatalk users? La-da-da-da-da-de-de-de-de-de...

    This actually sounds awesome, outside of Santino vs Cesaro and that 1-hour ME superface bullshit. Sandow, Edge, Kane, and Bryan in the opening segment? GOOD GOD. :fap:

  2. Thanks for the share, sounds like a good-ish Smackdown.
  3. Think ill be skipping through this one a lot less than previous episodes
  4. Looks like a really good episode this week
  5. :burns:
  6. Sandow wins a match :yay: :finger:
  7. Also forgot to mention glad Drew McIntyre is was on Smackdown, some idiot I think it was Meltzer said Drew would be working a babyface gimmick. IDIOT!
  8. Awesome SD! Wouldn't miss it
  9. SmackDown is BASED on Bryan and Kane. That division is getting revamped really well thus far. The whole main event is just tag-teams, fantastic. Only one skippable segment with Orton/Sheamus but that's it. Awesome show, and it's rare I say that from spoilers so the show itself will probably be better.

    Kane/Bryan are rivalling CM Punk for the best thing in WWE atm.

    Pissed off at no Ryback though but I guess Miz/Ryback is now a RAW only feud?
  10. I wonder what happened to the supposed Cesaro Brodus feud that Meltzer was going on about. Obviously it was a standard Meltzer news report. :dawg:
  11. And the fact he said Drew McIntyre was working Babyface. :dawg:
  12. Oh Meltzer never fails to make me laugh.
  13. He should have his own Wikipedia page for his fails.
  14. It wasn't Meltzer, and he's working a babyface in-ring style on Superstars.

    They've done this before, it's probably a one-night thing
  15. Looks like half of this episode is filled with Kane & Bryan segments.
  16. You make out like this is a bad thing.
  17. :yay: lets hope so
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