Smackdown Spoilers: September 7

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. La da da da da, de-de-de-de-de...

    Night of Champions is looking awful. SD is blah.
    Wonder if Barrett just forgot about his new theme?
  2. Apart from the Barrett part, it looks like a shit show.
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  4. "Wade Barrett defeated Yoshi Tatsu. Barrett entered to huge heat. There were also a lot of pro-Barrett fans"

    PUSH THIS GUY. Have him take Sheamus' title. Barrett for the fucking win, huge return.
  5. Also as the pre show dark match Dibiase returned and beat Ambrose. Just a quick note.
  6. Ambrose been jobbing in those forever, I guess they're just keeping him ring sharp for his debut.
  7. Looks like a typical WWE show. We got the Superman (Orton), the kiddy character(Hornswoggle), and we got the heel beating jobbers until he gets to the main event to ultimately be squashed by Cena, Orton, or Sheamus
  8. Looks like a good show. Smackdowns never look that impressive on paper but they almost always impress on the air.
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  9. I wouldn't go that far, lmao.
  10. They do to me. In my personal preference Smackdown is almost always a good show.
  11. Freaking kidding me. Booker T banning the Brogue? Really?
    Del Rio & Retardo, first jumped Sheamus & their first move, THEIR problem.
    So T is just gonna punish Sheamus for their first move?
    Nice move T.

    Asides from that, Barrett coming back is perfect.
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  12. Straight up here, this is going to be a good show. The otunga stuff will be hilarious, tag match should be decent, and most matches will be good or better. All the stars i want to see, and Sheamus vs otunga will be background noise. Ill watch this for sure. Cody isnt buried, it's doubtful they look weak vs the two midgets.


    Sheamus mark. :dawg: :eww:
  13. Might only watch the Otunga and Barrett segments/matches.
  14. :otunga: sucks dude. ADR makes otunga being there worth it, since he will probably make it look like he owns otunga and he is...beneath ADR.
  15. I like Ste. :((
  16. wtf is ste? Complete your words.
  17. Sheamus. We fangirls call him Ste for short, for his real first name, Ste.
  18. Fuck that ginger fuck. I sincerely don't get why anyone likes him, or appreciates anything he does. He is the perfect example of backstage politics winning. ADR > Sheamus, DB > Sheamus, hell Ryder > Sheamus in my world.
  19. Agreeing with you, I like him during his heel days tho. :((
  20. Love you, but my favorite part of Sheamus was him breaking dudes neck on his first RAW, ending a career. What a great wrestler he isnt.
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