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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Heel bryans girlfriend, AJ, gets demolished on SmackDown tonight...

    Watch towards the end of this video.

    Wowww poor girl..
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    She sold it pretty well. Big show's facials were terrible however he looked like he was holding in a shit towards the end.
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    Great ending.
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    So did Big Show just turn heel?
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    Don't think so he showed remorse after. It was more of an accidental thing.
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    I see. A great move for the WHC storyline then.
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    It was a really smart idea it looks like it's going to be Bryan turning heel as he exploited the situation to not lose the belt again.
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    I wonder what will happen to AJ now then.. Will she stay with heel bryan?
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    "You're a bastard", I love Bryan.
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    No, Bryan makes a bad heel. Bryan has little skill, and can't do squat without a weapon in hand.. He used his own girlfriend to end the match. He's a genuine pussy imo. Watch as he avoids Henry next week somehow.
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    That's his gimmick & booking. I don't agree with this coward booking, but let's leave kayfabe for a minute. Bryan's great on the mic and is widely regarded as the best technical wrestler on the planet.

    Moving this to SmackDown section btw.
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    Not even close.
    Angle, Taz, Mysterio, Sgt Slaughter...

    He's great on the mic, but he can't defend his title becaused he knows he'd lose it.
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    Lol he's better than Mysterio and Slaughter (Mysterio's younger self is a rival ofc), and I think he's personally better than Angle. Some would disagree, but Angle's old now too. The only wrestlers who I've heard of and seen who could match Bryan are Punk (sometimes), Jericho, Kevin Steen, Generico, Styles, Orton & Ziggler. Probably missing some, but Bryan is regarded even by other professional wrestlers as the best on the planet.
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    Kurt surpasses Bryan in the technical area and on mic. AJ Styles would be an epic opponent
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    No he doesn't... you can't just say "Kurt surpasses Bryan", unless you provide countless of factual evidence it's up for debate. Kurt is old now... Bryan's in his prime. Bryan made a Mark Henry match get put up for Match of the Year, that's incredibly impressive.
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    Compare the two in their prime. Kurt was the best athlete there. He actually won Olympic gold medals for wrestling. D-Bry has no medals for Olympic wrestling. Therefore Kurt surpasses Bryan
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    Has Bryan ever wanted to or tried to compete in competitive wrestling? Nope. That doesn't make Kurt Angle instantly surpass Bryan. Also, I didn't say Bryan is the best ever so there's no need to compare primes. I said he's widely regarded as the current best wrestler in the world... you said Angle is better.

    "Bryan has no medals so he can never be best wrestler in the world". So Kevin Steen, Styles, Generico, Punk, Jericho, none of those can ever be considered?
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    No but you asked me to provide evidence, and I did. Angle is considerable one of the best wrestlers. Bryan has a long way to go to catch up to Kurt.
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    You're doing it again lmao. "Bryan has a long way to go to catch up to Kurt". You can't make statements like that without any evidence. Link me to one match better than any Bryan match this year from Angle. Bryan didn't have the best year last year either... but gold medals years and years ago isn't evidence at all for Angle being a better active wrestler than Bryan now. Not at all.
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    Bryan danielson was considered the best wrestler in the world by his opponents and fans alike. If you've seen his work in roh you'd understand it isn't just a moniker. I understand wrestling skill is subjective but kurt lacks a basic in ring psychology. Winning a gold medal doesn't make someone a great pro wrestler. It makes him a great amateur free style wrestler. Kurt isn't even the best pro wrestler in his company imo. That goes to aj styles.