News SmackDown switching networks

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Solid Snake, May 17, 2018.

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    "According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC Universal is reportedly set to pay a big increase to continue airing Raw. However, WWE may still be able to also shop SmackDown to another network (presumably Fox) to gain even more revenue. If it’s true that WWE can get an increase from NBC for Raw and add a new deal to SmackDown from a new network on top of that, it could make Vince McMahon a much richer man."


    EDIT: WWE's SmackDown has signed a 5 year deal with FOX
    ‘SmackDown’ Goes Network
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  2. The idea of RAW being on NBC while Smackdown being on Fox just seems dumb to me, honestly, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter because Vince gotta get that money to pay for Brock, lol.
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  3. I think smackdown is fine where it is at USA Network but if it has to move then go for the money where the money will flow in more then USA in FOX i guess but Vince won't just settle for 2nd he wants everything to be more cash so maybe try having smackdown on NBC too. As far as "paying" brock; he doesn't deserve a peanut let alone big money he doesn't even defend his title however it is wrestling it is setup so i guess that's booking then or what have you so either way Brock is a chump champ anyway. SD should stay on USA if they can keep it there but i see where you're going here.
  4. Having the two shows on two different networks is good.
  5. Let me just say that the Koala Avatar you have is epic and kudos for having it as
    your avatar. Secondly, why two networks better? is just more expansion enabled?
  6. I guessing different networks will give WWE the opportunity to differentiate the two shows. Smackdown is Raw but blue.
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  7. Like I said I think Smackdown on USA is fine as well, but if it has to move then so be it. While I agree with your statement on Brock, I said more or less as a throwaway joke.
  8. FOX sounds cooler than USA. Not like it matters. Maybe Disney will buy WWE.
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  9. Then we could have the Disney Princesses in the women's division of WWE, lol.
  10. We already do. Mandy Rose.

    Disney buying WWE has its positives and negatives.
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  11. Yeah you are right, we can also see The Hulk vs Braun
  12. Disney Buys WWE we get Mickey Mouse in the ring I'm
    not sure that works but he's awesome none the less lol

    "Mickey Mouse....versus Vince McMahon on the grandest stage of them all".
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  13. Disney owns evetything.
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  14. Oh boy! *in Mickey Mouse voice*
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  16. I wish Raw would change networks solely on the fact that it might increase the chances it gets reduced to two hours
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  17. Honestly I would like it if the shows are further apart too. Go back to Friday for Smackdown on another network. It feels weird having it clumped together Monday/Tuesday, especially right after a PPV
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  18. That'd be cool too. Between the those two and NXT the first half of my week is catching up on WWE haha
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  19. The question though is will 205 be on Fridays as well since they are filmed right after Smackdown. Also, that would work out better because you would have two days to rest from WWE products. The only problem i have with Smackdown on Friday is that it interferes with me watching NJPW on Fridays on AXS TV.
  20. I maybe the only one who doesn't watch NXT but anyways lol SD on Friday's were very fun too.