Smackdown Tuesday's results - F*** THIS!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Fuck no, why RANDY :emoji_slight_frown:
    However, it looks like a great Smackdown without ofcourse Randy being replaced in the EC Match.
    And who here thinks that they just punished Orton for the botch on Monday Night? It's just a guess I mean no one has reported the full reason on why he's really gone..
  2. Santino Marella? Why? Sure he's over but he's a low card comedy guy. Why not use Drew ? He could bring some aggression to the role.

  3. That's what i'm saying:

    -Great Khali
    -Santino Marella

    This SD EC match just got worse..
  4. You have no idea how much this pisses me off.

    Drew Mcintyre, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta, Ezekiel Jackson, the Uso brothers, please go to TNA. They may use you over there. You're just wasting your time and talent being on the WWE roster at this point. Santino? Santino? He's not even on the Smackdown roster!
  5. Oh days.
    Big Show botched the RKO on Monday, not Orton. Show jumped too early.
    Also, why would they punish him? He's one of their top guys. They wouldn't take him out of an already lack-luster chamber if he wasn't legit injured.
  6. Wow was I shocked to read about Santino. Orton wasn't punished, I think he is either still legitimately injrued, or will be used at EC in a surprise way. He seems to have distanced himself from Barrett now so I wouldn't be surprised if Orton hops into the title mix for Wrestlemania.

    Also, tonight was basically Big Show's night. I hate it when he's booked like this, it's boring as shit. Glad Bryan went over Sheamus, even though it was in that manner -.-
  7. How long was Bryan vs. Fella? Hopefully they got 10+ minutes.

  8. Yeah this could be a pretty decent match. Sheamus may be a horrible seller, but he's very good at portraying an aggressive wrestler, his moves look like they hurt. And Bryan is well, Bryan, one of the best sellers in the business.

    Pretty annoyed Cody is just getting chucked into tag-team matches. The IC championship is going downhill again when he did bring some prestige back to it. Not his fault, horrible booking to who I feel is the joint most talented superstar on that roster (alongside Barrett).
  9. Come the fuck ON! Replace that bullcrap Santino with Christian!

  10. Is Christian healed up now?
  11. He's supposed to be returning soon.
    Don't think he'll be in the EC.
  12. WWE apparently doesn't think actually letting a heel get heat going into a chamber match is a good idea anymore.
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