SmackDown viewership falls

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Suck it Sheamus.

    Tag team champs > WHC
  2. YOOO! Don't be dissin' my boy Sheamus!
  3. Fucking Sheamus!
  4. Yo man' I just said don't diss him. He the best thing on Smackdown dat' the truth brother.
  5. It's clear that the tag titles are more interesting than Sheamus.
  6. You're killing me bro. :upset:
  7. Sheamus at the moment doesn't deserve the United States title. He is that bad
  8. Stopspot you're not helping wait till I reach 20,000 posts. I have a username for you!!
  9. :finger: :gtfo: :stfu:
  10. It's the truth though. Sheamus is a lazy, uninteresting champion who has done nothing but kill the ratings increase that Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan gave Smackdown.
  11. I hope you sense my sarcasm through all of this thread. :notsure:
  12. Lacky actually like's Sheamus.
    The sad part.
  13. Sheamus is worse than Cena
  14. I do, I do... I'm the biggest Sheamus mark on the forum.

    I only like him because no-one else does. Same Goes for Hitler, El Hadj Diouf and many more.
  15. Everyone likes Hitler.
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