SmackDown Viewership - Incredible.

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    Daniel "Viewership" Bryan vs Mark "Ratings" Henry drew.
  2. Wow... that's incredible.
  3. Did you hear that? Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan can draw!

    Imagine saying that a year ago :rofl:
  4. Fun Fact: The IWC used to mock Mark Henry all the time calling him "Mark 'Ratings' Henry". Then Mark Henry became championship and the ratings and viewership increased MASSIVELY for his whole reign. Now he is legitimately called Mark "Ratings" Henry because he does bring in ratings. Surprised Bryan can draw though and Punk struggles.
  5. :rofl:
  6. I bet they don't draw no where near as much as Cena does. How does Punk strugle to draw?
  7. Rating go down when he's in a match or atleast they did at one point.
  8. I think Punk has the best Mic skills in the WWE currently... Not to mention how great of a wrestler he is.
  9. No idea why Punk doesn't draw, he would be a draw if HHH didn't ruin his momentum. Cena is the biggest draw in WWE by a mile.
  10. Yeaaaah Cena... He's such a great person though, and he does so much. I guarentee half of his fans like him for what he does outside the ring, and not inside it.
  11. Wow that was ... pretty breathtaking o.o
  12. so true @[RKO] Ihave a massive amount of respect for Cena outside the ring and what he does for the WWE! It's his in ring gimmick has become stale hence why this Kane feud to change him up a bit! Let the kids love Ryder turn Cena heel at WM!
  13. Bryan's a bigger draw than Orton. Alert the media.
  14. @[RKO] is not going to be happy :emoji_wink:
  15. What the heck are you smoking? Orton is the second biggest draw in the WWE currently... statisticly wise, not just opinion.

    Damn right I'm not happy :angry:
  16. Orton isn't a draw @[RKO]. When he was champion he didn't bring in any extra viewers like Henry & Bryan have to such big effect. Sorry :emoji_slight_frown:!

    Draw means like how many TV-viewers you're pulling to watch the show because of you, it's judged on the viewership (sometimes the stadium tickets too but most of the time they sell out anyway).

    Orton never had a rise like these two have had. He gets bigger pops though.
  17. Orton has a bigger fan base in general than anybody else besides Cena. Just his storylines absolutely suck. That's why he isn't drawing very well.
  18. Ortonn hasn't drawn since he was a heel. He's boring and bland as a face.
  19. No one can know that for sure. Bryan's story-line and Henry's story-line hasn't been great either.
  20. Henry's storylines have been poor but the hall of pain gimmick an his top skills at gettin heat and his brilliance as a heel are what made his segments entertainin!