Smackdown Viewership on high due to Punk?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown, which featured an advertised appearance by CM Punk, scored a 1.83 cable rating. This is essentially flat with a 1.82 rating the week before and a 1.83 rating for the Oct. 4 edition.

    The program averaged 2,640,000 viewers over the course of two hours, an improvement of eight percent. It was the show’s most viewers since last month.

    While the rating for SmackDown was practically even with the Oct. 11 episode, there were strong viewership increases in the younger male demographics. On cable television for the night, Smackdown ranked No. 5 in overall viewers.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. I'm not sure that's the case, I'm sure the number fluctuate a bit and 8% doesn't seem like much of an increase. But it's a possibility, they did advertise it on Raw.
  3. Yes but it's not because it's punk, as much as it being any fucking star bigger than Kofi Kingston.

    Seriously, Smackdown is the midcard and Main Event has been > Smackdown as of late. Watch smackdown and turn the volume down, 99% of the fans are seated and not doing shit. Rochester MN is a smackdown deal so if you ever see me, ill be the asshole with a sign shouting shitty comments at someone like punk. Smackdown is garbage, they need to fix that shit. Period. The spoilers will be out in a couple hours.
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