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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Slipping down every week. :gtfo: Sheamus.
  2. Well if I am free to say it: 'Nuff said...

    Changes are needed, badly. They have to change the champion soon to hold on to the viewers.
    I think the majority of the crowd (>13) is done with Sheamus.
  3. TNA pulled 1.7 million viewers, correct? WE'RE CATCHING UP!

    Why would a casual watch Smackdown when all the relevant stars are on Raw anyway? Especially after 3 hours + an overrun of WWE programming... it's too much!

    Changing the champ definitely won't hurt. Sheamus could be a draw imo, but they're making the same mistakes they did last year with Orton and Christian, except this time with Sheamus and ADR. Sheamus is booked way too strongly and nobody can get behind him, ADR isn't a compelling opponent and the feud doesn't seem to end, and outside of Orton and Barrett when he returns, nobody's near the ME level. (Edit: The Sheamus-ADR feud isn't as bad as the Orton/Christian, the feud is actually good, but the main flaws are still there.)

    Vince: This is a proven failure. Why do you keep making the same mistakes?

    Save us Ed Koskey. Save us Triple H. Save us Mark Henry. and lets hope for the best for Ziggler's title win.
  4. They need a new champion... let's hope they've got something up their sleeves with Sheamus/ADR/Ziggler. Ziggler going over Orton and then winning the title could work, I think.
  5. Yeah...

  6. :obama: Looks like a good champion.
  7. BB.

    Blame Booker.
  8. TNA getting closer :obama:

    they need to put some diversity into the type of matches they do.. its the same old stuff.
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