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  1. @Wrestling Shorts has stopped posting these threads, but I really enjoyed the concept. Figured I'd make a new one for the 5th week of the split.

    To see what everyone else thought, go and read the latest RAW rate thread, here. Also, check here, to see what everyone thought on the latest SmackDown.

    I think SmackDown won this week, again. They showcased more talent, in a smaller amount of time. They have guys like Heath Slater doing interesting and entertaining things, and their Main Events have been top-notch, especially, this week. AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler was a great match, and had a great story. I think it was a smart move to keep Dolph Ziggler out of the match at Backlash. It will allow WWE to build him up, and have these losses and failures culminate in a larger match situation. AJ Styles definitely deserves the shot, and I hope he beats Dean Ambrose. I don't see him losing clean, to anyone, besides, John Cena. He's been riding a massive flow of momentum. AJ Styles is probably by, current, favorite. It's been great stuff from him. It was small, but I really enjoyed AJ wearing Cena's armband.

    Other than that, the midcard has been on-fire. I'm not particularly a fan of the uniform title designs, but blue and silver is better than copper and black for the tag titles. The women's title looks awkward with such a bright blue, in contrast, with the tag titles. Anyways, I really hope Heath Slater and Rhyno get far into the tournament. American Alpha has been doing great stuff, as well. Their match with Breezango was a highlight, and I'm glad that they're treating all their stars, fairly, serious. The women's division is also much more impactful than RAW's. They have more women's storylines than RAW and more segments and better matches. I personally enjoy SmackDown's women's division much more, despite the lack of star power.

    RAW was lackluster and boring, for the most part. It was pretty sad to see Finn Balor give up the title he just, recently, won. I do think the Fatal 4-Way is going to be great. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Big Cass vs. Kevin Owens has only two possibilities, but I think it can be great match. I give props to RAW for building stars out of some of their mid-card talent. Especially guys like Big Cass and Kevin Owens, who have been consistently main eventing and getting a good amount of time. But other than those few, they haven't really showcased their talent. Their women's division is also lacking. They have more star power, but they give their ladies less time and filler matches. Which is even worse when considering that RAW has another hour on SmackDown. Another division that's lacking is the Tag team division. It's been based on The Club vs. New Day for so long. I have no problem with that, actually. But I don't think it's smart to have so much of their talent being shuffled down. I think that's a big problem on RAW. They are keen on writing and building feuds and divisions on a select few. SmackDown seems much more open to developing and establishing talent by having them involved in situations, outside of dark/squash segments.

    All in all, I think it's SmackDown > RAW - giving the tally of 1-3 for SmackDown.

    I absolutely loved SmackDown, this week. I love their new set as well, much more intimate with the short stage, and smaller minitron. Loving SmackDown.
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  2. Smackdown won without a challenge however I will give Raw props for not being turned into a complete shit show after Balor's injury. They had to do some emergency booking and all within the span of 24 hours, I can imagine it would be easy to top. However the takeaway for Smackdown tbh is Talking Smack, anybody who has the Network needs to watch it its one of the best programs currently out for the Network, it allows more story-lines to continue, more character development and it honestly blurs the line between Kayfabe and Reality much better than anything else.

    Smackdown also has the benefit of it being 2 hours long, more meaningful matches and segments, and more opportunities for wrestlers to shine, how can Raw beat that?
  3. SmackDown > RAW this week.
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  4. Both shows were good but Smackdown was easily the better of the two yet again.
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