Spoiler SmackDown vs. RAW: Week 6

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Aug 31, 2016.

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  1. To see what everyone else thought, go and read the latest RAW rate thread, here. Also, check here, to see what everyone thought on the latest SmackDown.

    I think it was a tie, this week. I would've gone with RAW, but the overall show was bland and boring. The main event was the only saving grace, and without it, it would've lost to SmackDown. I really enjoyed the swerve and refreshing change in direction. Kevin Owens winning with that massive pop and everything was a great mark out moment. It was goose-bump inducing and a "RAW moment" for sure. Other than that it was rather lame and had nothing of note, other than Dana Brooke dressed as a nurse. I actually enjoyed that 3-man tag. Not sure if it's my love for The Club but I really found that match to be good. Glad to see Bayley and New Day together, their characters work together.

    Back to the mid-card situation. I think SmackDown is working harder to get their talent over. They are showcasing more and more talent with interesting storylines, angles and matches. I enjoyed the Sermon for the Serpent segment but the random cut-off was lame, as fuck. The women's division on SmackDown is also much more invested in. Charlotte is a great champion, but what's even going on there. SmackDown is showcasing talent and allowing them to showcase their talent. Loving SmackDown.

    Also loving the new attitude from The Miz. It seems that he's moving away from the coward A-lister to a more intense heel who is out to prove himself. That Ziggler/Miz segment was hella amazing and super intense. Loved it, and enjoyed the work done by both Miz and Ziggler. Felt really powerful.
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  2. Lets see Kevin Owens title win vs Headbangers return

    im gonna go with Raw this week
  3. RAW > SmackDown this week.

    Although SmackDown wasn't bad, it was a good and easy show to watch, just like it's been the past few weeks.

    The Miz and DZ were the absolute highlights of the show. Awesome stuff.

    Plus, the show being 2 hours long is so dope. SAID NO ONE EVER!
  4. Smackdown will always win.. It's easier to take in with it being 2 hour's.. They have a better roster, a better women's roster.. Plus they have AJ Styles who continues to be the most entertaining character each week.

    Smackdown wins in my opinion. Every RAW seems very forgettable because there's so much bullshit that happens on the show.
  5. As I noted in the ratings thread, RAW this week wasn’t the greatest show overall but that 30 minute (give or take) main event was, along with the epic finish of course, good enough in my humble opinion to make for the entire 3 hours. Those three “ingredients” – if you will – that I mentioned (the right guy winning, the element of surprise and the cliffhanger) were undoubtedly the key in making that main event the best RAW moment and certainly the most memorable one thus far in 2016 so topping that off the following night on Smackdown was a hefty challenge and one almost destined to fail.

    Before I get into Smackdown, some additional notes regarding RAW which I didn’t mention in the ratings thread since the main event was obviously the talking point of the night.

    - I absolutely loved the “size does matter” line that Enzo threw in Rollins face. Totally hilarious and, I’ve said this before, I’m glad WWE are slowly getting a bit more flexible and are a bit more open when it comes to the verbiage being used. It shouldn’t be a big deal to use, for example, the word “ass” when it comes to kicking it and it sounds that much more real rather than kicking someone’s…rear end or behind. Same goes with the specific dick reference Cass made. As long as it’s used in a clever manner, I don’t see any problem with it and people should stop being naïve and judging things differently because RAW and/or Smackdown are just like any other TV show and it’s not like we don’t hear nastier shit or cursing anywhere else.

    - Did Summerslam…not happen? Did Finn Balor not compete and defeat Seth Rollins for the Universal Title, before being forced to relinquish it the next night on RAW? Unless I missed or misread something, why the fuck did Stephanie mention TWICE (not once, but twice) the fact that they were going to crown the FIRST EVER Universal Champion? Seriously, what the fuck was that about?

    - “You don’t belong here” said Dana Brook to Bayley. How ironic, coming from the award winning queen of botch. And how ironic was it having Charlotte on commentary later quoting “well, there’s only so much I can do for Dana” shortly after the blond bimbo got pinned and lost yet again…

    - Does anyone give a flying fuck about Titus and Darren Young? Delete!!! Delete!!! Delete!!! On a serious note, I must say, Backlund is a beast for taking these bumps every week…

    - Prior to Summerslam and during my predictions, I mentioned the thought of New Day perhaps holding the belts until they break Demolition’s record, which happened to be referenced by Michael Cole. Hold that thought cause it may be indeed where this is headed…

    Back to Smackdown and since we are talking RAW vs. Smackdown, I feel they came off the losing end, which isn’t necessarily bad because, again, it was already tough for them to top what had happened the previous night on RAW.

    What’s unfortunate, however, is the fact that they had good momentum going coming off a strong show the week before and a made story to work with, thus the Miz promo which had everyone talking and buzzing. So, they play the clip again and…then what? A two minute thing with Shane and Bryan, a tiny tease of tension between them and then….nothing? Where was DB for the rest of the night? Didn’t he say something about perhaps apologizing to the Miz? So, why was there no interaction at all? I, for one, at least expected another promo between those two as a follow up from last week but we got Dolph instead…

    Speaking of, how funny was it that Ziggler came out to confront the Miz and talked about how the Miz only cares about himself and being famous? I mean, it sounded kind of ironic coming from someone who calls himself the…Showoff and has a move called the…Fameasser, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the feud at all, it’s just I think that they did a poor and lazy job in presenting it.

    Speaking of lazy, that’s my reaction to the Orton/Wyatt segment. Just…meh…

    Speaking of “meh”, that’s what I felt about the women’s tag match and, in my view, at least Carmella made it a bit more interesting with her sneak attack. I was, like, “what the fuck, where did she come from”??? Side note: why is Becky getting pinned so often all of a sudden????

    Speaking of “what the fuck”, WHAT THE FUCK was that prior to the main event? If WWE are honestly looking to put Corbin against Kane, I say just go ahead and do it. Seriously, I would not mind at all (as long as Corbin goes over of course), however please spare us the nonsense, as if we don’t know who Kane is already. It’s not like we need to reestablish him or anything. Jesus….

    Spelling his name correctly is the best thing WWE can come up with regarding Apollo Crews? Really now?? This is the gimmick???

    All in all, I think Smackdown could have done a lot better but this is what happens when you're basically rushing to create storylines on the fly only because your next PPV comes literally 3 weeks after Summerlsam...My vote this week can only go to RAW...
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