SmackDown was actually good this week...

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  1. Yeah, weird I know.

    Barrett looked great. He looked incredibly tough with his promo, and then laid both Miz and Fandango out. His theme is golden. Then Bryan continued the weak-link break up story, and went over a credible Jack Swagger cleanly, and then went crazy on him. The Shield's match was great as usual, and Damien Sandow was hilarious. Sheamus tried to ruin it, but not even he could.

    Was a good episode imo. What did you think?
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  2. I'll not comment on the rest as I haven't watched yet but Bryan was phenomenal this week, even moreso than previously. His aggression was incredible.
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  3. It's been decent since WrestleMania IMO. I don't whether that due to WWE putting more effort into it or 3-hour RAWs killing me.
  4. I agree. I liked it a lot.
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    Still need to watch the ME, but yeah it was a really enjoyable programme.
  6. My favorite parts had to be Barrett and Bryan
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