SmackDown watchers (I feel bad for you): what's the show like now?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. I haven't watched SmackDown for around one and a half years probably. The show was awful and didn't contribute anything other than minuscule updates for some feuds (not top feuds). I felt like I was just tuning in to watch RAW recaps and commercials.

    How is the show now? Is it still the same? How's it coping without a main title? Who frequently main events it?
  2. Bryan, Shield and Wyatts are regular main eventers with guys like the Usos somethings main eventing. Its a lot better and adds quite a bit to feuds.
  3. Nothing like 2000 Smackdowns, but it's much better than it was a while back. You got the tag champs usually appearing, the mid-card belts appearing, as well as some other talents, sometimes squash matches, but they actually try to build up feuds rather than just randomly throw in matches (albeit that does happen but it doesn't waste too much time)
  4. Swear you do this thread every couple of months, hating on the show.
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  5. Swear you always bitch.
  6. Yeah probably true
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    I like watching Smackdown CrayCray. Still some good matches on there from time to time. Enjoyed Bryan vs. Cesaro in the EC build
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  8. Well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
  9. it's 50/50, but a lot better. I usually skip through most of the show and read spoilers to know what to watch for. Wyatt promo's alone are worth checking the show out for.
  10. They've put a couple pretty good matches on there, I remember them having a pretty weird show not too long ago I wanna say like two/three weeks ago but overall idk I like it. Would not be opposed to them making it live though instead of being ruined before Friday :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. I enjoy it...but I don't read spoilers.

    I've never understood people who dislike Smackdown, in all honesty. It's like they didn't know what to do with it right after the brand split effectively ended (sometimes they didn't seem to know what to do with it during the brand split either), but it's a decent show now. I think a lot of smarks deride it based wholly on the spoilers and never bother to watch. That seems to defeat the purpose to me.

    As mentioned, they have some pretty decent tag and midcard matches for the main events and, during the build to EC, some good matches between Cesaro and Orton and Christian and Orton (that two-and-a-half week gauntlet that Orton ran was actually very well done). Lately, they seem to be making a push to make it better and it's working.

    I wouldn't mind, however, if it were broadcast live, though.

  12. Yeah live would be good
  13. Eddie Guerrero should still be on it... that would make me watch.
  14. Only if he tags with Chris Benoit. :tough:

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  15. Nice
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  16. it's actually not been that bad recently, I mean we had The Shield getting destroyed last week which was quite entertaining! Cant wait to see em fight this week. Wyatts have been solid on there too.
  17. If you skip all the annoying recaps and things of this nature it's a fun show at times.
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  18. This (plus FF-ing through commercials) is the main reason I DVR Smackdown and start watching it at 8:15 or so. I get to cut out the tedious recap stuff (I mean, seriously....I watch Raw and most of the PPV's and my memory works better than average....I don't need to be reminded of what happened), which improves the show by a factor of ten.

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