Money in the Bank Smackdown Women's Championship match announced for Money in the Bank

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by MildlyUpsetGerbil, May 16, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Carmella vs. Asuka announced for WWE Money in the Bank

    It's possible that they put the title on Asuka and MITB on Charlotte with a long term plan to continue their WrestleMania feud. Then again, considering the clean win Carmella got over Charlotte, they could very well just have Asuka take the L (pictured above). What do you guys think about this match?
  2. If Carmella wins against Asuka, I will quit watching WWE because that would be some bs. That is all I got to say.
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  3. I'm glad that the women are getting a focus at MITB (I guess because Brock and his title is no showing so they need to fill in time). The only way Carmella is winning is via cheating (maybe inteference by the Iconics - who are better than Asuka)
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  4. I can only hope they're using this for Asuka to rebound from her loss to Charlotte and maybe build up a rematch against Flair at Summerslam with the title on Asuka this time around. But I honestly don't see the E already taking the title off of Carmella. They're probably gonna have some screwy finish and drag the feud out a bit longer until Asuka finally secures the gold, even though I'd say it's already time to put the title on Asuka at MITB
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  5. Asuka needs to get the title now!
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  6. This segment sucked. A very uncreative way of announcing a title match. WWE are lazy. Example of a celebration getting interrupted by the next title challenger: The reveal of Sting replacing Seth's statue in 2015.

    Just Do It Better WWE
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    The very idea that Carmella COULD defeat Asuka makes me feel sick...

    I'm so fucking sick of "wrestlers" with no wrestling talent holding titles
    in the women's division.

    Also...if the idea was to put the belt on Asuka...why not simply have
    her defeat Charlotte at Wrestlemania?

    Why not have Carmella cash in on Bliss or Jax & move to RAW & then
    have Rousey shut her mouth with her fist?

    I...I can't do this anymore...

    I can no longer reconcile the terrible, illogical booking & the fact for all
    the talk of a "Women's Revolution" performers like Alexa, Nia & Carmella
    are holding wrestling titles...WHEN THEY CAN'T FUCKING WRESTLE

    But hey...I shouldn't care so much right?

    I shouldn't allow myself to get "Worked"?

    I should just sit back & enjoy the wrestling right?

    Well...I can't...not anymore.

    Asuka should make Carmella tap out in 15 seconds or less...but knowing
    the WWE...Carmella will win...probably clean...because for some reason
    we are taking Carmella serious now.
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  8. Sorry Base, to disagree, But Asuka is way better than them. She's got more charisma.
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  9. She has more talent above all else.
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  10. So basically Carmella can beat Charlotte clean. But Asuka can't. Asuka gets a title shot for some reason. Ok then...

    Wait, because Charlotte underestimated the champion, Carmella was able to pull the fluke victory. So If Asuka defeats Carmell it means nothing. If this leads to Charlotte vs Asuka 2, then what's the point of this Carmella reign? It's not even entertaining.

    So this whole thing is a big waste of time. At Least the wrestling, characters and promos are great...oh wait no they are not.

    Smackdown women's division sucks.
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  11. So they can cite a 100% success rate for cashing in for Ms. MITB.
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  12. If that's the case, then they really need to sort out their priorities.
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  13. anybody but asuka hell a tree would do just fine but the tree would need some curves.
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  14. Yeah but The Iconics say they are better because they beat her on her first match on Smackdown Live

    /k (for kayfabe)
  15. They both still look like NXT jobbers to me.

    Well, after I googled them, that is. I didn't know who they were until I did...
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