Smacktalk's new 2K14 footage (7 minutes + Breakdown)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. I'm not gonna list times, but I will list facts covering Superstar Appearances, Arena details, and smaller details in here.
    -Dolph Ziggler's entrance:
    He comes out with his show off shirt and does the butt thing
    -Ziggler and Bryan gameplay
    -Mick Foley's entrance against Edge at WM22:
    There we get a peak at the stage, looks really like the Wrestlemania 22 stage!
    -Mick Foley and Edge Hardcore Match Gamplay:
    -There we see the correct cutscenes, with Lita involved and Edge's insane spear, but one thing I realized, isn't Edge's spear through the ropes and not over them?
    -Rey Mysterio's entrance
    -Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler gameplay
    -Andre the Giant's entrance with Pat Patternson and Wrestlemania III with the ring cart:
    Okay I think I underestimated the size of this arena look it it from that angle? Looks bigger right?
    Second, the fan's are pelting garbage at them, now that's realistic!
    -Macho Man's victory celebration at WMIV
    Once again, that WMIV arena looks GREAT, nice job however we still see the normal lighting mechanism around the ring, maybe that was the right one, Idk, but just pointing that out.
    -Razor Ramon's victory at WMX
    -The Rock and John Cena gameplay at WMXXVIII
    Still the metlife trons, cool its outside but arena isn't exact.
    -Stone Cold entrance at Wrestlemania X7
    There we get a better look at X7, now if you listen under Smacktalk's evaluation, listen to Stone Cold's theme, that is "Glass Shatters' by Disturbed! So we are getting this theme which is good because that is the best Stone Cold theme EVER.
    -SCSA and The Rock gameplay
    There's the roof of the X7 arena, looking good 2K!
    There's McMahon so we are getting him.
    Listen to the commentary, that's Heyman on commentary! Good touch!
    Now we see Austin's victory celebration... again, its the regular light stucture BUT, we are seeing correct tron structure abovw the ring as well so maybe they are still working on this guys, that is coming together well
    -Ric Flairs entrance at Wrestlemania XXIV
    Now obviously there is alot of work to be done here, where's the roof structure to the arena, as we see, it is outdoors but theres a regular styled flying light structure and scoreboard, this arena still needs work (and I still see Metlife trons)
    -Ric Flair and Shawn Micheals gamplay
    Check out the cut scene, nice job by 2K with Ric's farewell
    -Daniel Bryan's entrance
    Now what sticks out is him saying "No!" good touch however in real life he's back to saying "Yes!" (It's weird how many things change when the game comes out)
    -Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler gameplay
    Again, we hear Bryan, nice touch
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  2. All sounds great but it best not just be all there to cover up shocking gameplay which I'm starting to suspect.
  3. The gameplay looked smooth and quick in the live stream.
  4. Fair enough but there is a huge difference to watching a vid of gameplay and actually feeling how buttons and moves react and respond.
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  5. So awesome with all these wrestlemania arenas, cutscenes and matches! Fucking sucks that here in the US the taker edition is 100 fucking bucks.
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