Small amount of downtime. Slow periods.

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  1. I'm on to it, in talks with my host as we speak at 4:51am, that's passion. Anyway, if the site is down I thought I'd let you know that's what our twitter is for. If we are down and I'm online, normally within half an hour you'll know why we're down and how long to get back online completely functional.

  2. Glad it's dealt with now to be honest, I despise downtime.
  3. Just saying, you need to go to bed earlier, to get up earlier.
    One to have better quality sleep.
    Two to be online during the day instead of like 3am in the morning when no-one is here.

    Just my 2 cents :')
  4. Lol are you serious? Most of our members are from the US. Our least-active time is like 10am-5pm. Americans are just waking up/going school, UK members are at school/just finishing school. Our most active times are 10pm-4am. That's UK members in the night, the most popular time to go on a forum. Then leads into the American's prime evening time forum browsing.
  5. I'm from Canada you idiot!
  6. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  7. Classic. Just classic.
  8. Is WF on shared-hosting?
  9. Thanks for this!