Small Update: Staff changes

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Today you'll notice (or not) that Rysenberg and Lady Deathbane have removed from staff. Both have admitted that they haven't really been active enough for staff, but I appreciate the work they did do during their reign. Both are good friends of mine and great members.

    Now, to their replacements! Senhor Perfect has been given the nod. Everyone knows Senhor, no one hates him, and everyone has a lil' fetish for his beard. We have asked somebody else to take the role, but I've had no reply yet, I'll reply to this thread later if he chooses to accept.

    Hope everyone likes the changes.

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  2. I, for one, like the changes :happy:
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  3. I think deathclaw4721 should be the next mod. Imagine how amazing that would be *looks up at the sky*
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  4. Jeebak or Frank
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  5. why the fuck can Senhor not see this section? Y XENFORO PERMISSIONS SO TEDIOUS :emoji_slight_frown:

  6. wat. He was the first person to reply to this thread.

    Am I missing something?
  7. Thought this was staff section. Awkward.
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  8. How can you mistake this for the staff section? The staff section has a tiled background with images of Britanica
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  9. you do realise she's going to see an alert that says "You've been tagged in a post titled 'Staff Changes'" and flip her shit
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  10. Shame to Ryan and Jenn but enjoy the position Senhor! :emoji_grin:
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  11. Congrats to Senhor!
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  12. Rysenberg it was about time. Lady Deathbane dont worry, you are just as quality as before when you werent mod and were just making random porno noises in skype calls. You get a lot of stuffed up noses.

    Congrats and whatever works out best, TBH. I honestly cannot WAIT for senhor to be on here late at night, and see his "goodnight all" status, followed by a flurry of random west coast/eurofags who are 15 year old vampires cover it with profanity.

    I think in honor of this, we should have :Senhor2: and a face of him doing Dr. Evil. Im willing to also accept other suggestions.

    ETA: I really do like them all as mods, and i think senhor is a great option, just dont let CM punk be the other pm that hasnt replied. 2 Canadian mods in power? Hello foot fetish jokes and it's past your bedtime replies.
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  13. She'll post some AJ Lee pictures. That's about it lol

  14. Thats hilarious.
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  15. Also....... why ain't I mod.... [​IMG]
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  16. Need another female staff member now that Crayo axed deathbane.

    britanica what are you willing to do for staff? remember you're up against deathclaw for the position.
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  17. Britanica stands no chance. Just give the spot to Deathclaw. She'll redecorate WWEF to have like 10 different AJ Lee headers.
  18. Cray J should be in the running too
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  19. I guess if anything i got an upgrade when D'Z left. Now i am the "best person not suited to be Mod" on the forums. :obama: