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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Xanth, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Lady Deathbane is now staff due to the fact that we needed another American moderator to be online when we're sleeping. Not much else to say but yay congratulations.

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  2. inb4 sexual related posts.

    Congratulations. On at perfect times, gets on with everyone, trustworthy. There were other candidates but the time-zone is a big deal.
  3. Congratulations Lady.

    Does this mean we have to clean up after us in the staff room?
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  4. It means that she can join our nude Tuesday tradition.
  5. So we can finally stop referring to it as Sausage fest Tuesday :yay:
  6. Thanks guys! I promise to misuse my position as much as possible! :yes:
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  7. :ksi:
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  8. Congratulations Jenn! I'm proud of you as a fellow Jenn and you've been awesome ever since I joined. Congratulations again :yay:
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  9. If everyone moderates themselves, we wouldn't need mods at all!

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  10. Came expecting a Xanth penis reveal, leaving very disappointed.

    And welcome aboard Jenn.
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  11. Congrats Deathbane!
  12. Funny story, though. The moment I turned on my phone, I got a Skype call. I answered and Crayo, Xanth, Jonathan and CrayJ were all being really weird. I just waved it off because I literally just woke up and didn't really care what they were on about at the moment. Then everyone just started asking me questions (like Xanth asking me if I wanted to borrow his lunchbox and if I like fish sticks) at the same time so I got extremely confused, then Cray asked me if i wanted to be staff and I got even more confused. I kept asking "WHY" for about five minutes and I finally accepted, ahaha.
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  13. The best thing for us all to do is test her capabliities. I urge everyone to post random naked photos throughout the forum for her to remove. Sounds like a bright idea, right?
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  14. Xanth handles the reports mostly and he'd just stare and collect your naked pictures.
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  15. Duely noted
  16. Congrats Jenn. Nice to see another ' Murrican mod here
  17. Now that'd be a rewarding task. :ksi:
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  18. Congrats Lady!
  19. Congratulations on Staff/Moderator/Dictator!
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