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  1. [​IMG]

    Thumbs up to whoever is repping the Asian sensation.
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  2. I would like to point out out bored all the others look besides Orton and Cena, hell, even Punk is looking at the Okada sign.
  4. Mark Henry looks like such a badass. :henry:
  5. WWE > VMJW (Vanilla Midget Japanese Wrestling)

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  6. Crayo fears Japan
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  7. Average Japan's dick size> Crayo's dick
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  8. Meh. Orton getting the win for sure.
  9. Holy hell, Khali and Big Show next to each other really put things in perspective lol
  10. What was that segment about, it looks terrible. I bet it was terrible. Actually, now I remember seeing that funny gif where Punk loled at Triple H, or something. So I guess that was unintentionally hilarious, but that doesn't make it less terrible. Terrible.
  11. Turrble
  12. They hoisted both world titles up into the air as a "ceremony" for the unification match on Sunday, and they had a set of former champs in the ring as a way to hype it up. Then it went into a brawl when HHH sent Punk flying (the gif you saw).
  13. HHH quoted a list of "great former WWE Champions" and Steph added "and HHH" when he finished. Punk laughed at that, which has gone viral as a .gif.

  14. There's also one with HHH throwing Punk away with the added text "back to the midcard"
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  15. Austin fears Misawa.

    I'd love it if by some absolute fluke of nature Okada caught on fire and became a sensation in the US.
  16. :lol1: Awesome. Remember seeing him job on Xplosion and rocking a Kato gimmick in TNA, oh Russo logic at it's finest.
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  17. I would love it as well. But it seems like a once in a blue moon thing. American crowds, at least in the majors seem unwilling to accept noticeably foreign stars as big guys.
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  18. I think that was the work of Samoa Joe and his comic fetish.
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